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Tongwei (TW) is a reputable Chinese solar panel manufacturer known for producing high-quality panels. They have advanced production facilities and adhere to strict quality control standards, ensuring reliable and durable panels.

They originated in wafer manufacturing, progressing to include solar cells and now panels. So they can guarantee quality control on all aspects of the product. They also operate in an area of China that has not been implicated with modern slavery issues, which have been identified as a potential matter of concern for some panel manufacturers. Therefore Tongwei panels can per purchased, knowing that international labour laws have not been breached.


TW is a major Chinese manufacturing conglomerate with a strong focus on the solar industry. It was founded in 1984 and has grown to become one of the world’s leading producers of solar wafers and cells (including for other manufacturers) as well as panels, which are a slightly later addition to the product portfolio.


Tongwei Group, the parent company of TW Solar, has achieved several historical milestones throughout its journey in the solar industry. They started in 1984, when the solar industry was still in its infancy, producing animal feed as their initial product offering.

In 2005 TW saw the potential of renewable energy and started on its solar pathway focusing on the research, development, and manufacturing of solar photovoltaic (PV) products, making silicon ingots and wafers their initial field of expertise.

In the next phase, they added cell production to their portfolio. Then they implemented a vertical integration business model, establishing complete control over the entire solar panel manufacturing process, from silicon ingots and wafers to cells and modules. Over the past decade, this integration enhanced quality control, efficiency, and cost optimisation.


Tongwei panels become highly efficient and reliable solar solutions by offering this range of modern solar technologies.

PERC (Passivated Emitter Rear Cell)

TW solar utilises PERC (Passivated Emitter Rear Cell) technology, whereby cells feature a passivated rear surface, which reduces electron recombination and improves overall cell efficiency. This technology, which is now widely used by quality panel manufacturers, allows their panels to capture more sunlight and generate higher electricity output.

Half-cut cells

The company incorporates a half-cut cell design in their panels. This technology divides the solar cells into halves, reducing the resistance and increasing the overall power output. Half-cut cells also enhance the panel’s performance in low-light conditions and can mitigate some power losses caused by shading.

Multi-busbar technology

The multi-busbar (MBB) technology is used in TW solar panels, where multiple thin copper strips are used to collect electricity from the solar cells. This design reduces resistive losses and improves the current collection efficiency, improving panel performance.

Bifacial panels

TW Solar produces bifacial solar panels. These panels are relatively see-through, using a clear backing sheet to capture sunlight from both sides of the module. Additional electricity can be generated by capturing the sunlight reflected off the ground or roof surface.

Advanced Anti-Reflective Coatings

Advanced Anti-Reflective Coatings are being applied to the surface of Tongwei solar panels. These special coatings minimise the reflection of sunlight on the panel’s surface glass, enabling more light to penetrate the panel and increase overall energy conversion efficiency.


Tongwei Group has multiple manufacturing facilities in China and Vietnam. These factories specialise in producing polysilicon, ingots, wafers, cells and solar panels.

The ingots and cells are sold to many other Chinese and international panel manufacturers to use in their solar panel products, so often, even if you do not buy a Tongwei panel, you will use some of their manufactured products.

High-purity polysilicon, an essential component in the manufacturing of solar cells, is being manufactured near Hefei, China. Chengdu is Tongwei’s headquarters, and they produce polycrystalline silicon ingots and wafers, which serve as the foundation for solar cells.

Meishan, a city near Chengdu, manufactures monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar cells and various solar modules, including bifacial panels.

The Vietnam facility produces solar cells and modules, enabling Tongwei to cater to the growing demand for their solar products worldwide.


The Tongwei Group, the owner of TW Solar, is a privately owned company, and its ownership structure comprises multiple shareholders, including the founder and chairman, Mr Liu Hanyuan. He founded the group in 1984.

While specific ownership details and equity distribution within Tongwei Group are not publicly disclosed, it is known that the company operates as a privately held entity. Private ownership allows Tongwei Group to make strategic decisions fast based on long-term objectives and maintain flexibility in pursuing its business goals.

Global Distribution

Tongwei Solar has developed a robust global distribution network to reach customers worldwide. The company has partnered with distributors and solar system integrators in key markets across Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Africa. These partnerships enable Tongwei Solar to efficiently distribute its solar panels and related products to various customers, including residential, commercial, and utility-scale solar projects.

To strengthen its global distribution, Tongwei Solar actively participates in international solar exhibitions, conferences, and trade shows. These events provide platforms for the company to showcase its products, connect with potential partners and customers, and expand its distribution channels.


Cost-effective quality modules from a fully integrated manufacturer, allowing the source of all components to be adequately traced,
Good-looking modules with a wide range of available models


Active in the commercial solar space, where many Australian large-scale projects have used Trina panels with excellent results.

TW Solar is a prominent solar industry player known for its commitment to technological innovation, high-quality products, and a global distribution network. They have invested in cutting-edge manufacturing processes to achieve high panel output conversion.

Internationally their panels are renowned for their performance, durability, and resistance, and major brands such as Hyundai have used Tongwei to make Hyundai-branded panels. Being a vertically integrated manufacturer allows them to control the entire production process, from ingot and wafer manufacturing to cell and module assembly.

They have established a robust global distribution network, which has been growing over the past years, by exporting its panels to many countries across different continents.

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