Why we recommend Solar Analytics Monitoring

We’re a huge fan of Solar Analytics because they help solar owners maximise how much they save with their solar system. We think of it like the dashboard in your car – automatically telling you how things are going and when you need to take action.

Once you have purchased a good quality solar system, to get a good financial return on your investment it is important to ensure you are using energy wisely. This means getting the best electricity plan, self consuming your solar, and deciding when to add a battery, heat pump or even an Electric Vehicle (EV). 

The Solar Analytics app does all of this for you, automatically, making owning rooftop solar and minimising your energy bills a breeze.


If you are thinking of getting solar or upgrading your solar system, Solar Analytics provides the best solar calculator on the web – Solar Maximiser. This free online tool allows you to see exactly how much you can save by adding more solar, a battery or an efficient hot water heat pump.

And once you have rooftop solar, their app will continuously monitors your energy generation and usage to maximise your savings.


Founded in 2013 by a team of world-leading solar experts and scientists, Solar Analytics provides software that helps more than 35,000 households and businesses across Australia manage their solar and energy consumption to maximise their savings.

Solar Analytics has won numerous awards including B Corp Best For The World for Environment category; Smart Cities for Best Residential Innovation; Clean Energy Council for Outstanding Contribution to the Industry; Green Globe Awards finalist for Innovation; and Australian Growth Company Awards for Sustainability and Cleantech.

In July 2023, Solar Analytics was the first company in Australia to enable consumers to access their own electricity data through open energy or Consumer Data Rights. This is paving the way for even more energy customers to save more with rooftop solar and smart energy.


To provide you with up to date advice and information, Solar Analytics captures your energy data from a range of different sources. This includes your solar inverter (compatible with Fronius, Sungrow, GoodWe, GE and LG), a separate 4G energy meter from Wattwatchers for those who want even more energy information, and now your main retail electricity meter (through Consumer Data Rights).

Patented Algorithms

Solar Analytics unique speciality is a suite of patented algorithms  built by some of the best data scientists in the industry. These algorithms use your solar generation, energy consumption, weather data, calculate energy loss due to shading, find the best energy plan to match your usage or estimate the savings by adding a battery and much more.

Easy to use dashboard

They have built a dashboard for users that is easy to use and highly automated, allowing solar owners and installers to quickly analyse solar and savings performance. Solar Analytics has also invested heavily in making life easier for solar installers to support their customers. Automated alerts, fleet managers and diagnostic tools allow solar installers to quickly and easily support solar owners.

Features and Benefits

Solar Analytics app continuously monitors your energy generation and usage to maximise your savings by:

  • Scanning all 20,000 retail electricity offers to find you the best deal
  • Showing you how to use as much of your own solar as possible
  • Informing you and your solar retailer if your system (or the electricity grid) develops a fault
  • Guiding your next electrification decision, like adding a battery or hot water heat pump

This does come with an annual subscription cost of $60pa. For the returned engineers among us, you can do much of this yourself with the native solar inverter app, time, dedication and a detailed Excel spreadsheet. For the rest of us, Solar Analytics as they say “takes the hassle and guesswork out of owning solar”


Solar Analytics is an Australian business that was co-founded by Stefan Jarnason, Valantis Vais, Prof Renate Egan and Dr John Laird. Backed by some of Australia’s leading energy sector investors, Solar Analytics is on admission to power the world with rooftop solar.

As the world transitions to 100% renewable energy for homes and transport, we will get most of our energy directly from our rooftop because it is simply cheaper than any other energy source.

Solar Analytics designs, develops and supplies smart solar software solutions that deliver more value from rooftop solar systems. We are committed to helping households, businesses and solar retailers get more from rooftop solar.

Where to get it

If you already have solar with a compatible solar inverter (Fronius, Sungrow, GoodWe, GE, LG), you can sign up to Solar Analytics online and immediately start a 30 Day Free trial. Goodwe, GE or LG inverter owners can also add Solar Analytics directly from their existing Goodwe/GE/LG solar app.

If you are in the process of buying a solar system, then simply ask your solar retailer to include Solar Analytics. They will help you decide if you want the Classic 4G or Integrated WiFi solution.

Solar Analytics designs, develops and supplies smart solar software solutions that deliver more value from rooftop solar systems.

We recommend including Solar Analytics with your solar system to ensure that you maximise your solar savings, and always feel in control of your energy decisions.

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