Why we recommend Sungrow batteries

We have listed Sungrow batteries as a recommended renewable energy storage solution because they have shown reliable operation in Australia. 

Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd. is a global leading manufacturer of renewable energy solutions, specialising in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of solar inverters and energy storage systems, including the batteries. 

The company was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Hefei, China. The company has increased its manufacturing capacity for both battery solution and inverters over past decade to become one of the major industry players.  

Overall, Sungrow residential batteries offer several advantages over other battery technologies, including safety, longevity, efficiency, and scalability. If you are looking for a reliable and long-lasting battery system for your home or business, Sungrow batteries are a great option.


Sungrow batteries work well with the Sungrow hybrid inverters. Over the past decade, the brand has taken market share from the traditional leaders, as it still delivers many advantages.

As batteries are still relatively expensive, Sungrow with its more price-sensitive approach, has seen its market share expand as customers seek a reliable and affordable solution.


Sungrow was founded in 1997 and is now a supplier offering PV inverter solutions, energy storage systems, EV charging solutions and renewable hydrogen production systems.

In 2006, Sungrow ventured into the energy storage system industryToday, their products are well respected and proven.

Sungrow’s battery products can be based on lithium iron phosphate (LFP) technology. LFP batteries are known for their safety, long lifespan, and low maintenance requirements.

Sungrow has a strong commitment to research and development. The company has its own research and development centre that represents 40% of the personnel in the company. Sungrow has also established partnerships with leading universities and research institutions around the world such as the The University of New South Wales.

In 2019, Sungrow’s battery products were ranked first in the world by the China Electric Power Research Institute (CEPRI).


Sungrow has invested heavily in research and development, continually innovating to improve the efficiency, reliability, and user-friendliness of their battery units.   Sungrow’s batteries are also certified by TÜV Rheinland, UL, and other international organisations.

High-voltage lithium iron phosphate technology

The batteries use high-voltage lithium iron phosphate (LFP) technology. LFP batteries are considered to be the safest and longest-lasting battery chemistry, and they do not contain cobalt, making them more sustainable.

Close to 100% usable energy

Sungrow battery technology offers close to 100% usable energy, which means that you can discharge them to their full capacity without damaging the battery. Some competitor models have to have some residual power remaining in the battery, which can reduce the overall capacity.

Stackable modules

Sungrow batteries are available in stackable modules. This flexible design allows for easy scalability of the storage unit as household power requirements increase. For example if you start with a 9.6kWh system, you can easily add another 9.6kWh module to bring your total capacity to 19.2kWh.

Connects straight to your solar inverter

The Sungrow batteries are DC-coupled, which can be connected directly to your solar inverter. This improves efficiency and reduces the overall PV system and battery combo cost.

Sungrow battery technology can operate reliably in extreme temperatures, from -20 degrees Celsius to +50 degrees Celsius. These parameters are better than other competing models.

10-year performance warranty

The warranty offers a 10-year performance guarantee that after 10 years, the battery still has at least 70% of the initial kWh capacity.


Sungrow manages multiple manufacturing facilities located in various countries, including headquarters factory, Indian factory, and Thailand factory. The total global inverter and converter production capacity can reach over 305GW, of which overseas production capacity can reach 25GW. The energy storage system annual production capacity in 2023 is 30GWh, and its under construction production capacity is 25GWh.


Sungrow is a public company, which means that its shares are traded on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The largest shareholders in Sungrow are GF Fund Management Co., Ltd and China Universal Asset Management Co., Ltd. Sungrow is governed by a board of directors. The board is made up of 11 members, including the chairman, the vice chairman, and the CEO.

Global Distribution

Sungrow has built an international distribution channel for its batteries and power inverters, ensuring that its product is sold in every corner of the world. 150 countries now use Sungrow products.

Sungrow manages sales offices in many regions. These offices facilitate their distribution partner relationships, undertake marketing activities and provide product training to their installation partners. These installers also proved feedback on new products and ease of installation and functionality.


Cost-efficient and reliable battery product
Safe technology
Robust solar & battery storage offers
Popular brand in the Australian market
Growing market share


More expensive than other Chinese batteries, but also more user-friendly with good after-sales service

Sungrow is a significant manufacturer and supplier of solar batteries and hybrid inverters in the Australian residential market. Their products have gained widespread recognition for their excellence in the local and international markets.

Their batteries offer a flexible design approach and work in tandem with their hybrid inverter range. The battery range offers reliable performance, advanced monitoring capabilities, a strong warranty and a growing brand presence.

These features make Sungrow batteries a compelling choice for residential storage installations, ensuring solid battery performance and long-term system reliability. They are built using high-quality components and undergo rigorous testing to ensure their performance and durability. With a focus on product quality and robustness, Sungrow batteries have demonstrated a low failure rate and are known for their reliability.

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