Why we recommend Fronius inverters

Fronius Inverters cost a little more than some of the more budget-focused Asian-made inverters, but they also deliver a better punch.

While in the early days, SMA was the dominant inverter brand in Australia, over the past decade, Fronius has edged out a loyal following in the quality solar inverter space to the point where over the past years, they would have been one of the most popular residential inverters.

The units perform well in the harsh Australian climate, and units with a decade-plus trouble-free operation are very common. They come with a 5 plus 5-year warranty, and their technical service department is well-trained and customer-focused. They are made in Austria and sold in Australia since the early 2000s.


Fronius inverters have an excellent local track record and are highly regarded. They boast high efficiency, reliable performance and in-depth monitor options with their smart meter package. Fronius inverters are well regarded in residential and commercial solar systems and are now operating on hundreds of thousands of Aussi homes.


Fronius was founded in 1945 in Pettenbach, Austria and initially developed welding equipment and battery chargers. By the time Fronius looked at renewable energy and string inverters specifically in the 1990s, they had been going for nearly 50 years.

They used their detailed knowledge of power electronics to design and manufacture string inverters. Fronius introduced transformerless inverters and cooling fan options to the industry, making string inverters lighter and requiring less heavy alloys for cooling.

Such unique innovations helped cement Fronius as a growing player in the emerging PV market, and over the last 20 years, they have become one of Australia’s leading brands.
Still to this day, Fronius inverters are exclusively made in Austria and are a well-known and respected brand in the solar inverter market.


Fronius offers the string inverter technology, which converts direct current (DC), as generated by the PV modules, into alternating current (AC) electricity that is the same as used in your home.

Active Cooling Technology

Their technological innovations have created a product that is highly efficient, reliable and easy to use. One would be the Active Cooling Technology, which combines cooling fans and heat pipes to keep the inverter’s internal components cool, even under high temperatures. Keeping the unit as cool as possible helps to extend the life of the inverter, especially in the hot Australian conditions. A cooler inverter also performs better.

String inverters

Fronius string inverters are designed to handle multiple strings of solar panels. Solar panels are typically connected in series to form a string, and each string is connected to the inverter. By allowing multiple strings to be connected to the inverter, the placing of the panels and the system design will gain higher flexibility and, in some instances, allow more panels to be installed on a roof.

Maximum PowerPoint Tracking (MPPT)

Their inverters have maximum PowerPoint Tracking (MPPT) technology. MPPT algorithms continuously monitor the voltage and current of the solar panels and adjust the inverter’s operating parameters to improve conversion efficiencies. This feature is handy when the panels in one string do not point the same way or experience part shading.

re panels in a string may have varying levels of sunlight exposure or shading, as it ensures each panel operates at its optimal performance level.


Fronius inverters are made in Austria. The company has a manufacturing plant in Pettenbach, Upper Austria. All their inverters are designed, engineered, and manufactured in this facility.

Fronius has been manufacturing inverters since 1975 and is now one of the leading manufacturers. Fronius inverters are known for their high quality, efficiency, and reliability.

Fronius has continued to make inverters in Austria for several reasons, such as the location of Austria, which is central in Europe, making it easy for Fronius to ship its products to customers worldwide. The country also has a skilled workforce and a strong tradition in engineering, allowing innovation to be fostered.


Fronius International GmbH is still a family-owned Austrian company and has been since its foundation in 1945 by Guenter Fronius. Over 60 years later, the Fronius Family is still strongly involved in the company’s management.

They manufacture top-of-the-range welding equipment, photovoltaic inverters, and battery charging systems. The company has a workforce of over 5,000 people and a sales office in over 30 countries worldwide, with 100-plus countries having distribution partners. Fronius is investing heavily in research and development to improve inverter technology.

Global Distribution

Fronius has a strong distribution network to support its customers worldwide. The company has direct sales offices, coordinating after-sales support in over 30 countries and a network of authorised distributors in over 100 countries. This allows Fronius to provide its customers with local support, expertise, and access to its latest products and technologies.

The channel strategy focuses on their distribution partners and direct sales into the utility space. The Fronius website will allow one to check out all the various countries where one can purchase Fronius inverters, from Brazil to Denmark, Japan and the US.


Excellent product with high efficiency
Reliable operation in the Australian environment
S trong warranty
A leader in inverter technology
Established after-sales service


Fronius continues to invent and invest in research. Expect to pay a little more than other inverters for this top-of-the-range PV equipment.

Fronius string inverters have one of the best reputations in the Australian and NZ markets. Installers like it when they install an inverter, and there have been no issues for many years. Reliable equipment like the Fronius range saves on return visits, which can be bad for business.

There are hundreds of thousands of Fronius inverters in Australian homes, and there would be a tight race between SMA and Fronius to determine who has more installed units in Australia right now.

This inverter brand offers exceptional technology which simply works day and day out. With a 60-year-plus heritage and Austrian manufacturing standards, not much on the market can beat this product.

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