Why we recommend SMA inverters

SMA inverters have powered Australian solar systems for over 2 decades and have had an excellent long-live performance in the Australian climate. Inverters with a trouble-free life of 10, 12 and more years are not uncommon.

SMA inverters dominated the local industry in the initial solar boom of 2007 to 2015. Even now, with many competitors having entered the market, the SMA inverter will be a solid and long-lasting choice.

SMA is a German brand, and many models are still made in Germany. We recommend this brand because of its reliability, efficiency, durability, solid after-sales, and strong warranties. An SMA inverter is an excellent option if you are looking for a reliable, efficient, durable, and well-warranted solar inverter.


SMA inverters will perform well and have one of the best reputations in the local industry. They are the top choice of customers looking for a trouble-free, long-lasting string inverter. SMA has an excellent local track record and is well-established in residential and commercial solar space.


SMA stands in German for Systems, Measurements and  Anlagentechnik (Plant Engineering) and was founded in 1981. Initially, they expanded into electronic measuring components for industry, including the railway and trains. But within a few years, they shifted their focus to solar.

Their famous Sunny Boy range launched in 1991, initially as a 1.5 kW unit, followed by the 2.5, 4 and 5 kW models. The single-phase units had a distinctive red cover, while the three-phase units called Sunny-Tripower started in 2004 and featured a dark blue casing.

In 2008 SMA moved strongly into the international off-grid market, pioneering the ultra-reliable Sunny Island. By 2012 SMA became the world’s leading solar inverter manufacturer.

Fast forward one decade plus, and SMA has many more competitors but is still one of the world’s leading solar inverter solution manufacturers.


SMA inverters convert the direct current (DC) electricity generated by solar panels into the more useful alternating current (AC) electricity used in one’s home or business. SMA inverter models range from small residential systems to medium to large commercial and utility-scale solar farms. They are reliable, easy to use and offer a straightforward installation. SMAs are compatible with all major solar panel brands, making their application flexible and wide-ranging.

High-quality components

They are designed by German engineers and manufactured with high-quality components to stand the test of time. Their warranty aligns with industry standards, and often units last longer than the nominated product warranty period.

String inverters

SMA offers the full range of string inverter technologies, from inverters to connect to the electricity grid, off-grid standalone models and hybrid inverters to work with home storage batteries. They are relatively easy to install and use. They come with user-friendly monitoring, and the company boasts a solid after-service team in Australia and NZ.

Industry-leading efficiency

The inverters enjoy industry-leading efficiency by converting around 98% of the DC electricity generated by the panels into AC electricity for the home. Some less efficient inverters can lose up to 5% more electricity in this conversion.

Guaranteed product

Being of German origin, it comes as no surprise that the SMA brand has an excellent reputation in the solar industry and comes with guaranteed reliability. Warranty claims are low.


SMA Solar Inverters’ head office is located in Niestetal, near Kassel, Germany. This factory is the company’s largest production site and is the central engineering and manufacturing hub for various SMA inverter models.

In the past, SMA had also established manufacturing facilities in  Chuzhou, China, to supply the Asian market and increase the company’s international production capacity. Most SMA inverters sold in Australia nowadays are made in their German factory.

It’s important to mention that SMA has an extensive network of suppliers and partners worldwide. Therefore, such suppliers may undertake some of the component manufacturing and sub-assemblies. SMA then performs the final assembly and quality control in their facilities.


SMA AG is a publicly traded company, and its shares are listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in Germany.

The ownership structure of SMA is primarily concentrated in the hands of institutional investors. This is common for companies in the renewable energy sector, often seen as having long-term growth potential. Its largest shareholder is BlackRock Inc, with 10% of the shares and Allianz SE, with 6.4%.

Global Distribution

SMA has a global distribution network includes over 1,000 distributors in more than 100 countries. Countries with a high SMA presence are Germany, many European countries such as Italy, Spain and the UK, Australia, the USA, Japan and China.

The company’s inverter range is sold through a choice of channels, such as direct sales to developers of utility-scale solar farms, international and country-wide distributors and OEM partnerships.

SMA distributors are known to be well-trained in product details and installation specifics. Together with the SMA’s Australian team, they support customers, such as technical assistance and training.


Strong warranty
A wide range of reliable and flexible string inverters
Commitment to sustainability
A durable workhorse to be the heart of a quality solar system
Low worldwide warranty claims


Over the past decade, SMA had to learn that they are no longer the only game in town as other competitors have expanded their product quality and range.

SMA string inverters are a safe choice. They have supplied Australian homes with solar string inverters since the early 2000s. Currently, at least 500,000 units of this brand would be in use in Australia.

They offer reliable and proven technology, having been in the inverter space for over 35 years. With German engineering, design and testing, they deliver high efficiency and excellent performance.

They offer a quality monitor solution to assess your solar system’s output in real-time via desktops or phone apps. Their monitoring shows energy production, consumption patterns, and potential issues, allowing you to keep your system in top condition anytime. An SMA inverter is a great option for getting a quality, long-lasting PV system.

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