Do air conditioners need servicing?

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Air conditioner servicing is crucial for a number of reasons. 

It optimises the unit's energy efficiency, lengthens its lifespan, safeguards the product warranty, and aids in limiting the spread of bacteria and allergens throughout the house.

Lack of maintenance can result in early product failure, higher energy usage, and potential health hazards.

Every two to three years, the air conditioner should be serviced to make sure it is operating correctly and effectively.

Is servicing an air conditioner important?

Even with the best and most advanced air conditioner on the market, regular servicing remains crucial. Without regular air conditioner servicing, your system’s performance may suffer, and its life cycle may shorten. Parts such as the filters, fins, coils, and the motherboard of an air conditioner are some of the key reasons behind a failing unit.

If you neglect these parts and maintenance is not necessary, this may cause early product failure and, in some specific contracts, may void your warranty due to negligence.

Why you should service your air conditioner

Allergens and bacteria can spread throughout your home

First, you should get your air conditioner serviced to reduce the chance of allergens being spread in your home.

Dust, debris, and other small particles like bacteria and viruses constantly accumulate in air conditioners, even within your home. If these allergens enter the air conditioner, they can infiltrate the filter and the system will blow them out with the air. This means you are spreading these substances throughout your home, putting those exposed to them at risk for their health. 

Regularly servicing your air conditioner ensures the unit is thoroughly cleaned. This removes the chances of bacterial build-up in the machine and removes potential health risks.

Improve energy efficiency

As part of your electricity bill, your heating and cooling component often makes up roughly 40%; regarding the energy efficiency of your unit, we are referring to how much energy it consumes when operational. In this case, the higher your air-conditioning unit’s energy efficiency rating, the less it consumes. 

Should your unit have lost gas, one would work harder to get the same cooling or heating effect. Therefore lack of maintenance could increase the energy consumption of the air-con unit. For example, if the filters are fully clogged up, energy consumption increases. So regular cleaning improves home health and saves on energy bills.

Girl Using Air Conditioner which has been serviced
Regular service of your air conditioner provides extensive financial and health benefits

Improved life cycle

Regular servicing will drastically increase your air conditioning unit’s lifespan. Air conditioners typically come with a 5 to 7-year warranty and people generally anticipate them to endure for about 10 years.

While 15 years for an electrical appliance seems high, it is achievable with regular maintenance. When it comes to the definition of regular, we would recommend booking a maintenance call every 2 to 3 years,

Protect the product warranty

All major manufacturers in Australia provide a product warranty on air conditioners. However, to preserve this, routine maintenance is recommended.

Suppose a system hasn’t had regular maintenance and breaks down due to a blocked item or faulty installation. In that case, you might find that your warranty claim could be declined since the defect might have been prevented if the system had been adequately maintained.

In summary, servicing the air conditioner every 2 to 3 years is a financially viable option. This is due to a trained technician being able to identify faults that could become more significant issues in the long run.

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