Victoria is banning gas too!

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From January 1st, 2024, new residential buildings in Victoria will be exclusively connected to electricity, with gas connections banned. This move aims to achieve emission reduction targets and net zero emissions by 2045.

The transition to all-electric homes is expected to save homeowners about $1000 per year on energy bills, which doubles if combined with solar installations. Although the ban only affects new constructions, the shift away from gas-powered appliances is inevitable as they reach the end of their lifespan.

The initiative follows the ACT's similar ban, signalling a significant milestone towards a greener, more sustainable future.

Gas is banned – How will this affect Victoria?

Gas is banned in Victoria from 2024…But what does this mean for you?

The Victorian government has announced that from January 1st 2024 any new residential buildings, including subdivisions and public and social housing, will be exclusively connected to electricity. Going all-electric will be no extra cost to the home buyer and should make energy bills about $1000 cheaper each year. This is also doubled if there’s solar installed. 

Extinguishing new gas connections is believed to help Victoria achieve its emission reduction targets of 75 to 80 per cent by 2035 and net zero emissions by 2045. 

gas stove top being lit with lighter

Environment Victoria head Jono La Nauze notes that Modern induction stoves are safer, cleaner and quicker to use.” While the ban exclusively affects new constructions, renovations remain exempt. However, the gradual shift away from gas-powered appliances will become inevitable as these products reach the end of their lifespan.

Victoria’s gas ban initiative follows on from the ACT’s ban earlier in the year via enactment of the Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Reduction (Natural Gas Transition) Amendment Bill, backed by the Labor and Greens parties. This bill serves as a model for sustainable energy practices, underlining the ACT’s commitment to a greener, more responsible future. As 2024 approaches, both the ACT and Victoria are poised for a transformative shift, marking a significant milestone in the journey towards an all-electric era.

Let’s hope more states can follow suit.

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