What is the LG Chem Battery Price?

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LG Chem, now LG Energy Solutions, offers high-quality solar batteries known for their reliability and efficiency. The RESU series includes low-voltage and high-voltage options. Low voltage batteries range from 6.5kWh to 13.1kWh, while high voltage models offer 9.6kWh and 16kWh storage capacities. Prices range from $6000 to $7500, excluding installation.

These batteries feature advanced Lithium-ion technology and come with a 10-year warranty. They are compatible with various inverters and have an IP55 rating, suitable for indoor installations. States like SA, NSW, VIC, and ACT offer rebates, making them a cost-effective choice for energy storage.

Understanding LG Chem Battery Prices and Options

LG Chem started in Korea in 1947 as Lucky Chemical Co, making cosmetic products. Over the years, the company grew and changed.

In 1995, it rebranded as LG Chem Ltd. More recently, its energy division became LG Energy Solutions, a sister company to LG Electronics. LG Chem is now Korea’s biggest chemical company, working in areas like petrochemicals, IT, and electronic materials.

In 2010, LG Energy Solutions entered the energy storage system market. They became leaders in lithium battery storage technology, helping to push forward the use of renewable energy.

They have factories in Poland, Korea, China, and the United States and also have a local office in Eastern Creek, NSW, Australia, to serve the Australian market. LG Energy Solutions is now a global leader, providing advanced energy storage solutions around the world.

LG Chem Solar Battery Prices

The LG Chem battery range, specifically their RESU (Residential Energy Storage Unit) series, is available through accredited installers across Australia. Prices for these batteries vary depending on capacity and installation requirements. Here’s a snapshot of typical prices:

  • 6.4kWh Battery: Approximately $6000
  • 9.8kWh Battery: Approximately $7500

These prices are for the batteries alone and do not include installation or inverter costs. Some states in Australia offer programs to help with the battery costs, which could make it cheaper for homeowners.

LG Chem Battery Options

LG Chem provides a diverse range of solar batteries, compatible with a variety of inverters. They offer both low-voltage and high-voltage options, ensuring flexibility and compatibility with different solar setups.

Low Voltage Solar Batteries

The LG RESU low voltage batteries range from 6.5kWh to 13.1kWh, operating within a voltage range of 42V to 60V. These batteries use Lithium-Ion chemistry with Lithium, Nickel, Manganese, and Cobalt. LG Chem solar batteries offer high performance but usually come at a higher price than Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries.

The low voltage series works with LG’s branded inverter and other brands like Selectronic, Solis, Sungrow, Goodwe, and SMA. These batteries have an IP55 rating, allowing for indoor use and outdoor installation under certain conditions.

LG Chem battery

High Voltage Prime Solar Batteries

The RESU Prime series includes 9.6kWh (RESU10H) and 16kWh (RESU16H) options, operating at around 400 volts.

The Prime series offers 100% depth of discharge, allowing full utilisation of the battery’s capacity. They also feature a high-efficiency DC/DC converter, rated at 97.5%. Like their low-voltage counterparts, the Prime series is best suited for indoor installations with an IP55 rating.

The Chemistry Behind LG Chem RESU Batteries

LG Chem’s RESU batteries are made with Lithium-ion technology using a special method called ‘Lamination and Stacking’. This method helps increase energy storage and the lifespan of the battery cells. The batteries incorporate a patented ‘Safety Reinforced Separator’ for increased mechanical and thermal stability. Additionally, each RESU battery comes with an advanced battery management system, ensuring autonomous operation and enhanced safety.

LG Chem Warranty for Australian Customers

LG Chem provides a 10-year warranty for their batteries. They guarantee that the batteries will maintain at least 60% of their energy capacity.

To keep the warranty valid, follow the installation guidelines and keep the operating temperatures between -10°C and 45°C. This requirement might pose challenges in certain parts of Australia, even in shaded conditions.

Pros and Cons of LG Chem Batteries


  1. Large Multinational Support: LG Chem is backed by a robust global company with local Australian support.
  2. Compatibility: The batteries are compatible with a wide range of solar inverters.
  3. Reputation for Reliability: LG Chem has a long-standing reputation for producing reliable products in Australia.


  1. Higher Cost: LG Chem batteries are generally more expensive compared to other brands.
  2. Limited Expandability: The battery capacity cannot be expanded beyond the set sizes offered.

Home Battery Scheme and Rebates

Certain parts of Australia offer programs that can help reduce the cost of getting an LG Chem solar battery storage for your home. Living in these areas may qualify you for these programs. These incentives make it more feasible for households to invest in energy storage solutions, ultimately contributing to lower electricity bills and increased energy independence.


LG Chem offers a wide variety of solar batteries that are known for being advanced and reliable. These batteries are a great option for homeowners who want to store energy from their solar panels. While they might cost more at first, the benefits they offer are worth it.

LG Chem batteries are compatible with many systems, work efficiently, and come with strong support. This makes them a top choice for solar PV system storage.

Whether you pick low-voltage or high-voltage models, these batteries can make your solar power system much better. They provide a long-lasting and efficient way to use renewable energy, helping you save money and reduce your carbon footprint over time.

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