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New South Wales residents face a sharp 15-30% increase in electricity costs, despite wholesale electricity prices plunging up to 59%. Energy giants AGL Energy and Origin Energy report significant profits, raising concerns over the justification for these price hikes.

Inflation and rising administrative costs are blamed, impacting households already facing financial strains. The widening gap between soaring energy prices and corporate gains raises suspicions of profiteering and consumer exploitation.

Australians are increasingly seeking renewable energy solutions, with polls showing strong support for renewables and a systematic shutdown of coal plants. Installing solar and batteries can offer energy independence amid rising electricity prices.

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New South Wales residents have braced themselves for a sharp 15-30% increase in electricity costs, although underneath the fear of escalating prices should be confusion as wholesale electricity prices have actually plummeted by up to 59%. With energy giants AGL Energy and Origin Energy reporting massive profits of 860 million and 225 million respectively in 2022, questions are mounting over the justification for these escalating prices.

One of the primary culprits cited is inflation. Clare Savage, Chairperson of the Australian Energy Regulator, highlights rising administrative costs that have left energy retailers with little choice but to pass on the expenses to consumers. As broader economic inflation continues, these additional costs create a ripple effect that impacts households already grappling with financial strains.

The suspicion that a bit of profiteering is about should also loom large. Observers should eagerly await the end-of-year financial reports from these energy giants and should aim to assess whether their run of profitability will persist. The widening gap between soaring energy prices and substantial corporate gains raises concerns about fair market practices and consumer exploitation.

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Who is to blame?

The disparity between falling wholesale electricity prices and the price surge spotlights a national challenge of energy affordability. Households in Australia are grappling with the implications of these sudden increases, calling for a transparent and accountable energy market.

If you’re struggling with the costs of electricity it’s interesting to talk about alternative energy sources. Interestingly, a poll of readers in The AFR found that 58 per cent of people favour further work on studying the use of nuclear reactors. 

Also, A survey of 2500 Australians by the Climate Institute found that 96% want Australia’s energy to be run by renewables, and 70% say they want a systematic shutdown of coal plants. 

With increasing electricity prices it’s no wonder so many Australians seek a national switch to renewables. At a household level, Installing solar mitigates the burden of relying upon the grid and couple that with a battery and you could be completely energy-independent.

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