Are smart homes a gimmick?

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Your lifestyle can be enhanced by a smart home's greater comfort and convenience and energy and money savings. Using a smartphone or other device, you can schedule or remotely control smart home appliances like smart bulbs and smart plugs to change the lighting, temperature, and power usage as needed.

If you are using motion detection sensors, smart bulbs can be muted to conserve even more electricity if there is no movement detected. By turning off power to appliances and other devices when not in use, smart plugs can help reduce energy waste.

Overall, smart home technology can make your life more efficient and comfortable while saving you money and energy.

Are smart homes just a gimmick, or can they improve your lifestyle?

Smart homes are one of the latest technological revelations that have come as a result of rapid technological advancements. However, many people still question if they improve their lifestyle. 

The simple answer is yes, they do. Smart home devices provide many advantages and are not just a gimmick – the main two being improving your comfort and savings. This FAQ will outline how a smart home allows you to achieve this.

Improve your comfort and well-being

We can all agree that after coming home from a big day, we just want to sit down and relax. While you may think you can do that now, smart home devices make it even easier.

If you have smart home devices, you can change your home’s temperature on your smartphone at the click of a button, adjust lighting or observe your home security cameras from far away. In addition, being alerted on your phone if an unauthorised intrusion has been detected at your home or business in real-time can be comforting. You can now contact the police immediately to get into action to stop any intruder or thief. 

Your well-being will also improve when you have a smart home. Sleep is one of the most critical factors in maintaining our well-being.

We have all heard about how blue light from lighting and screens can affect our sleep, so why not implement practices to remove it? Smart lighting can adjust in a way that eliminates blue light, which can occur whenever the homeowner selects to do so. Whether this is scheduled at a particular time or done manually, it will improve your sleep.

Temperature also affects our sleep, so why not auto-regulate your home’s temperature during our sleep? With smart air conditioning, you can ensure you aren’t getting too hot or cold during your sleep.

The first option is to set one temperature for the whole night. The second is to set a range where if the temperature gets too low, your air conditioner will heat the room, or if it’s too hot, it will cool the room. Either way, you will have a great sleep and wake up refreshed. 

couple using smart home device that is not a gimmick
Smart homes can help improve general comfort in your home whilst allowing you financially

Save energy and money

Not only will a smart home improve your comfort level, but it will also help you save money.

Smart bulbs

Smart bulbs are a great option to achieve this. LED bulbs use about 75% less energy than incandescent and half of CFL types while also lasting many times longer.

Furthermore, smart bulbs can operate with other smart devices with motion detectors to help you save even more. If no motion is detected, smart bulbs will dim, which has been proven to save up to another 40% over traditional lighting.

Smart plugs

A second option is a smart plug. A smart plug functions as a power plug positioned between a socket and the power cord, turning into a remote-controlled power switch. Once installed, you can schedule this plug to deactivate specific power circuits when they’re unnecessary. For instance, while you’re at work, you can turn them all off, ensuring no power goes to waste with unused appliances. It will also allow one to turn lights and other devices on and off as needed. 

Smart bulbs and plugs are just two smart home devices that can contribute to you saving energy and money on your bills. Most smart home devices contribute further, so just think – the smarter you make your home, the more you will save.

So smart homes are most definitely not a gimmick and will increase in functionality in the future. 

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