What are the components of a solar power system?

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A solar power system consists of three main components the solar panels, the inverter, and the balance of the system. In this system, the main component is the solar panels; this is because they are known as the engine, as their role is to generate electricity which occurs through the process of photovoltaics.

The inverter component allows for converting the direct electricity the panels generate into alternating current, often used in houses.

Although commonly forgotten, the balance of the system is the third and last component; this includes the cabling, fuses, and racking.  These three components work together to provide renewable electricity for a home or business.

What components make a solar power system?

I get asked regularly, what are the key components of a solar system? In general terms, three central components make up a solar system. 

  1. The panels are known as the engines of a solar system. This is because solar panels create electricity for the home. However, because the electricity in which they produce is direct current electricity (DC), we cannot use that in the house. Therefore we need to convert this DC into 220-240V AC electricity. AC stands for alternate current. 
  2. The inverter solution is known as the heart of the solar system. Whether a microinverter or string inverter, the inverter converts DC electricity into AC electricity, which is readily usable for our home. Refer to the links supplied to learn more about microinverters and string inverters.
  3. The third part is called the balance of the system. The balance of the system consists of the cabling, the fuses, and the racking. The racking has rails, rail connectors, brackets, and clamps to connect the panels to the roof. 
solar system
Solar panel longevity relies on more than the panels’ quality but also on the balance of the system and the inverter solution

Since there aren’t many key components of a solar system, it is easy to remember. Therefore, the answer to the question is that a solar system has three key parts.

  • The panels
  • The inverter solution
  • The balance of the system
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