Does my air conditioner need re-gassing?

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Air conditioners use a substance known as refrigerant, which evaporates and condenses in response to variations in pressure.

Without refrigerant, the air-conditioner lacks a vital component to making its technology work.

Do I need gas for my air conditioner to work?

Australia offers a diverse range of air conditioner models, brands, and types, providing consumers with various options to cater to their specific needs. These air conditioning units come with distinct efficiency ratings and unique features, allowing individuals to select a model that aligns with their preferences and requirements. Despite the variety in designs and capabilities, there is a commonality shared by all air conditioners in Australia—they rely on electricity and refrigerant gas to function.

The electricity powers the system, allowing it to generate the desired cooling effect, while the refrigerant gas plays a crucial role in the heat exchange process, contributing to the overall cooling efficiency.

Understanding the individual specifications, efficiency ratings, and features of different air conditioner models is essential for making an informed purchase decision. Whether it’s a split system air conditioner, ducted system, or a portable unit, the necessity for electricity and refrigerant gas remains constant. As consumers explore the diverse market offerings, they can take comfort in knowing that these shared elements are integral to the functioning of all air conditioners, ensuring a cool and comfortable indoor environment.

So how exactly does an air conditioner work?

An air conditioner takes advantage of the refrigerant, which can exist in gas and fluid conditions. The refrigerant has properties that allow it to quickly evaporate and condense to liquid when there are changes in pressure.

In a simple explanation, the compressor pressurises the refrigerant. The increased pressure causes the refrigerant to take a gas state packed with heat. This heat then radiates away from the condenser coils, which causes a change in state from gas to liquid.

This liquid then passes through an expansion valve which causes a drop in the liquid’s temperature causing the coils to become cold, and then the fans blow out cool air. This is why when you search ‘gas-powered air conditioner’ online, several websites appear. This is because they are not referring to natural gas-powered air conditioners but to the refrigerant gas component of the air conditioner.

As the refrigerant is a vital part of an air conditioner’s technology, should there be a leak and the refrigerant gas escapes, the air conditioner will also stop working.

installer re-gassing an outdoor air conditioner unit
Leaks are the only reason an air conditioning system would need a refrigerant recharge

What do people mean when they say the air conditioner needs “re-gassing”

When people discuss “gas recharging” for your air conditioner, it might sound like your AC runs on some kind of fuel. But don’t worry, they’re just discussing adding more of a special liquid called refrigerant into the air conditioner.

Usually, your air conditioner doesn’t need a refill unless there’s a problem like a leak. Fixing leaks and adding more refrigerant can be a bit expensive. Also, it’s not good for the environment if the refrigerant gas leaks out. The stuff in the refrigerant can make the air warmer, and in the past, it was linked to hurting the ozone layer.

When it’s time to get rid of an old air conditioner, a good company will make sure to catch the refrigerant before it enters the air. This keeps our planet safe and is the right way to deal with old air conditioner units.

So, the next time you hear about “gas recharging,” remember, it’s just about adding more refrigerant, not regular gas. Taking care of it properly is not only good for your air conditioner but also for the Earth we live on.

When is re-gassing needed?

In summary, there are numerous air conditioners available in Australia, each with its own unique features. But they all have one thing in common – they need electricity and refrigerant gas to work properly.

Understanding how an air conditioner works involves this special liquid called refrigerant. It can turn into gas and back to liquid, thanks to the compressor, condenser coils, and expansion valve. This process makes cool air for your place.

When people discuss “re-gassing” your air conditioner, they’re talking about adding more of this refrigerant. You only truly need to do this if there’s a leak, which can be a bit pricey to fix. Plus, it’s not good for the environment if the refrigerant leaks out, as it can make the air warmer and used to harm the ozone layer.

Choosing a good air conditioner and handling the refrigerant carefully during installation, maintenance, and getting rid of old units is important. It helps your air conditioner last longer and works better, and it’s better for the planet too.

So, next time you hear about “re-gassing,” remember, it’s just adding more refrigerant, not regular gas. Taking care of it the right way isn’t just good for your AC but also for the world we live in.

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