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Barry and Adrienne, an adventurous couple, share their electric vehicle (EV) journey with Markus at an EV show. They've been driving an EV for over two years and are delighted with its performance.

The battery charging time is approximately five hours, and they hardly notice any significant impact on their electricity bill. Although they don't have solar panels due to renting, they continue to explore options for a larger EV.

With Barry being an engineer, they enjoy researching and finding the right fit. Markus bids them farewell, encouraging them to enjoy the EV show and find their perfect match. The article promotes visiting for energy-related information and products.

Electrifying Adventures: Barry and Adrienne’s EV Journey from Red Ferraris to Bigger Batteries!

Markus: Normally, red is the girls’ colour. Why did you pick red? The red goes faster.

Ah, you got the Ferrari model

Markus: That’s right. Of course. So now we are here at the EV show with Barry and Adrienne. They’ve already gone EV. So how long have you had your electric vehicle? What’s the retail on one of those?

Barry: About two years, two and a half years.

Markus: Two and a half years.

man getting interviews
How long do EV scooters last?

Barry: Yeah.

Markus: Are you happy with the batteries?

Barry: It’s fantastic. Yeah.

Markus: Is it so, so how often do you use it? Per day?

Barry: I use it getting to and from around and around work.

Adrienne: Inside the house as well. We’ve got a long, single-level house, so he’ll fly backwards and forth.

Markus: So if you run a race, who normally wins?

Adrienne: Oh, he would.

Barry: No, we’re about, we’re about even.

Markus: You have obviously been married for a few years. You know what to say.

Barry: Yeah, exactly.

Happy wife. Happy Live

Markus: That’s the one. So now you’ve come to the EV show, but you already got an EV vehicle. Are you looking to upgrade to a larger one, or what?

Barry: Say something a little bigger. 

Markus: How long does the battery on this super duper charged item take?

Barry: From flat from dead flat. Probably five hours, Yeah.

Markus: And what about your electricity bill? Does this big battery zap your electricity bill to hundreds and hundreds of dollars?

Barry: Hardly notice it.

Markus: You got solar to run it?

Barry: No, we don’t.

Markus: Oh, come on.

Barry: We’re renting. So, you know, what can we do?

Markus: You wouldn’t have gone shopping one day and said, oh look, I’m gonna have this scooter. One of you would’ve had it first; who won?

Adrienne: He won.

markus interviewing at an EV show
The EV race

I saw somebody riding one first, and I said that’s the one.

Markus: So you’ve been then searching and looking and researching?

Barry: Yes. I’m an engineer.

Markus: Don’t tell the salesperson you’re an engineer. Because they’re really scared of engineers because they normally know more than the sales guy.

Barry: Of course.

Markus: Well, I’ll let you zap away and see if you can find a bigger EV here at the EV show, but I really think you’re in the right place.

Barry: Well, we’ve got the right foot forward, haven’t we?

Markus: All the best.

Adrienne: Thank you.

Markus: Zoom Zoom, Bye.

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