Is Smart Ease’s commercial solar financing program worth it?

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Smart Ease is a financial technology provider revolutionising commercial solar financing. Their platform simplifies the process by analysing energy use, creditworthiness, and finances to offer tailored solutions. Services like system design, installation, and maintenance are available, enabling a smooth transition to renewable energy.

Businesses can choose what suits their needs with flexible financing options such as leasing agreements, power purchase agreements, and solar loans. Switching to solar energy with Smart Ease reduces costs and dependence on traditional energy and improves environmental credentials.

However, as with any financial product, read all the clauses and clearly understand the implications. Also, make sure the suggested equipment is of good quality.

What is Smart Ease?

A popular provider of financial technology, Smart Ease, has developed a practical approach to commercial solar financing that will increase the adoption of renewable energy. This ground-breaking platform seeks to enable companies of all sizes to adopt renewable energy by lowering the purchasing barrier and increasing the accessibility of solar installations.

Smart Ease has strategically positioned itself at the forefront of the clean energy revolution after realising the enormous potential of solar power in lowering carbon emissions and attaining environmental goals, especially for business.

The company’s recently introduced financing programme removes several financial obstacles which prevented some companies from investing in solar energy installations in the past.

Flexible Financing made easy

The Smart Ease platform offers a streamlined and effective procedure that simplifies the process of solar financing for business organisations simpler. The platform analyses a company’s energy use, creditworthiness, and financial situation. It then discovers the best financing solutions using cutting-edge algorithms and machine learning.

A whole range of services, including solar system design, installation, maintenance, and continuous monitoring, are available to business owners through Smart Ease. Smart Ease provides a smooth transition to renewable energy by offering end-to-end solutions, freeing businesses from the hassles of adopting solar power.

commercial solar system

The various financing options offered by the Smart Ease platform are one of its main advantages. Depending on their particular needs and financial capacities. Businesses can select from a variety of solutions. This includes leasing agreements, power purchase agreements (PPAs), or solar loans. Because of this flexibility, businesses can choose the financing option that best suits their long-term objectives and cash flow requirements.

The benefits

One of the main benefits is the huge cost reductions that businesses may gain by switching to solar energy with Smart Easemain benefits. Solar energy also enables businesses to significantly reduce their dependency on conventional energy sources significantly, resulting in lower power costs and increased operational effectiveness.

These savings boost a company’s environmental credentials while having a beneficial financial impact.

The introduction of Smart Ease’s commercial solar financing programme comes at a crucial moment. Energy prices have increased enormously for businesses in the past 12 months and are predicted to increase even further. This has meant that the energy cost as part of the overall running of a business can not take up a considerable part of the pie.

So, from an energy cost point of view, companies are exploring solar and even a solar & battery combo more and more. Smart Ease is poised to get many enquiries over the next few months, which may be one reason they exhibited at the Smart Energy Conference 2023.

But any finance offer is not just a one-way street, and when it comes to any financial product – we strongly recommend reading the fine print and getting independent advice.  

The cost of convenience can come at a cost

  • When you investigate finance programs, check out the real interest rate and compare it with other offers on the market;
  • Check for any hidden fees that could end up costing firms unanticipated sums of money in the long run;
  • Make sure there is not a low-cost initial offer that later snaps and traps you into a much higher rate;
  • Any finance company that provides an all-inclusive solution, meaning they choose the panels and inverter solution without any suggestions or input from the purchaser, can include a higher risk for you, the purchaser. How do you know the gear chosen is not good enough to last till the finance is concluded? Logically one seeks to get equipment that lasts decades after it has been paid off, but sole solar panels and inverters, especially the cheaper range, do not deliver that outcome. So it is advised as part of the finance deal to have an independent proposal audit and a system audit after installation to ensure you get the right solution and a beneficial long-term result.

Business owners with solar sometimes worry that inferior systems can necessitate expensive repairs in years to come.

coins stacked up with the with the words fee in front of it

Proceed with confidence but also with caution!

Although Smart Ease’s commercial solar financing programmes offer a range of offers and flexibility, we still say to carefully read the terms and conditions before concluding any agreements. Businesses should consider alternative financing possibilities before making any major financial decisions to ensure they are well-informed.

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