Why choose a quality solar panel brand?

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When it comes to solar energy, choosing a reliable and quality solar panel is important. Some cheap solar salespersons may try to convince you that all solar panels are the same, but this is untrue. Poorly made solar panels can harm the longevity of your solar system.

It is essential to look for CEC-approved panels and to inquire about the manufacturing process. Low-priced solar panels may seem appealing at first. But they typically degrade faster and may have discolouration, decreased production and efficiency, and snail trails.

It is important to consider capacity, quality, efficiency, customer service and warranty. As well as the price when choosing a solar panel. Choosing a reputable brand with an office in Australia for many years can ensure that warranty claims are handled smoothly.

Investing in a quality solar panel is a long-term investment, and ensuring that the panels can withstand the harsh Australian and New Zealand climate is essential.

Why should I choose a reliable, quality solar panel?

Due to the increase in electricity prices and climate change dangers, there has been a tremendous rise in the overall Australian and New Zealand solar market. In saying this, with the significant market comes thousands of installers and salespersons, which can make it very overwhelming for a solar newbie. Some of these solar sales staff trying to make a buck may convey that all solar panels are the same and that quality isn’t a priority. However, this is a misconception and entirely wrong. So let’s have a look at why you should always choose the highest quality solar panel.  

Are all solar panels equal?

The main misconception that surrounds solar panels is that all panels are equal. Whether you heard this from a shonky installer or your neighbour with solar, they are wrong. Poorly made solar panels can have detrimental effects on the longevity of your solar system. So the first thing you should look for in a solar panel is whether it has been CEC-approved. But even that alone is not a guarantee because sometimes the approved and imported panels are not identical.

So a CEC registration, which is necessary to get the STC rebate, is considered the bare minimum since even CEC-approved panels have failed in the thousands in the past.

It is therefore encouraged to go beyond this stamp and enquire about how the panels were made and what support network the manufacturer has in Australia.  

Degradation rate

Lower-priced solar panels may seem fine at first glance. But they typically degrade faster, especially in the harsh Australian climate. Some of the problems that tend to occur when cheaper solar panels are chosen include;

  • Solar panel discolouration;
  • Extreme decreases in panel production and efficiency after only a few years; 
  • Snail trails along the solar panel, which can be an indication of microcracks. 
solar panel with yellow discolouration because it is low quality
Panel discolouration is a sign of cheaper panels, decreasing functionality

Why should I not get the cheapest ones?

While it may be tempting to choose a cheaper-priced solar system, just like everything else in life – you get what you pay for. When looking at different quotes for solar installers, specifically the panels. Ensure you look at wattage capacity, efficiency, annual degradation, the length of time the manufacturer has had a significant office in Australia, a dedicated customer service line, warranty details, and price. The country of manufacture could also be a consideration. But the reality is that most locally sold panels are now made in China, and some are of high quality with many decent quality samples. 

The sealant can be critical to a high-quality solar panel

Another component of solar panels is often forgotten. But suffers greatly when cheaper panels are chosen in the sealants and lamination process. Sealants and the strength of the lamination keep moisture from getting into the junction box at the back of a solar panel. Unfortunately, when cheap panels are purchased, the sealants are more likely to degrade. There is also the option of the laminate opening up and water entering the panel, causing corrosion and failure.  

degraded solar system
A cheaper sealant means less resistance to general moisture

Meaningful and strong product warranty

Another reason why choosing a quality solar panel is essential is the product warranty. This is because although a brand may give you long warranty years. The number is worthless if there is no credibility behind the brand. You are always encouraged to choose a solar panel brand with an office and legal entity in Australia. This means that the warranty claim is managed smoothly in the case of product or performance warranty claims.  

When it comes to solar, it is evident that the upfront costs can be daunting. However, it is essential to realise that it’s an investment. This means over time, the financial returns will be solid.

This is why it is so crucial that your solar system lasts for as long as it is meant to since it is a long-term investment with your solar system exposed to over 200,000 hours of rain, hail and shine. The panels must be built to withstand the wind and weather.

Lower-quality panels made by unknown brands will often not be able to handle the local conditions, so this is why it’s so important to choose an excellent solar panel brand. Usually, experienced installers who have been in the industry for a decade or more can make suitable recommendations.

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