The importance of choosing a local solar installer

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When choosing a solar installation company, it is important to consider the longevity and reliability of the company. A local solar installer that has been in business for at least 8-10 years is often more reliable as they have survived the ups and downs of the industry and can provide long-term support.

Local companies also have a deeper understanding of their client's needs and can provide customised solutions rather than a cookie-cutter approach.

It is also important to ensure that the company provides a site inspection and comprehensive feedback during the quoting process and offers an excellent after-sales service. It is also essential to consider the warranty provided by the company and the reputation of the products they use.

 Local solar installation companies can be the more reliable provider

When comparing solar companies to carry out your solar installation, deciding which company to pick can be difficult. This FAQ will discuss the primary advantages of working with a local solar installation company.

For those buying solar, my key advice is to choose a reliable local company with at least eight to ten years of experience, regardless of whether you are in a regional or urban area.

These solar veteran companies have survived all the ups and downs in the industry. Many people underestimate the importance of this survival capability. This plays a crucial role in providing the necessary long-term support your system may require.

Opting for a local installer can eliminate intermediaries, resulting in smoother communication throughout the process. The person selling you the system will be involved from the initial site visit to the completion of the installation. This direct involvement helps local installers better understand your needs and ensures better support for any future tune-ups or maintenance.

Some might say the solar system has no moving parts; what can go wrong? Then one day, your monitoring might tell you your system is not performing up to scratch and that you are only getting half the electricity out of it because one string has stopped working. If you need help locating an installer, you can use our Company finder to find the right installer.

After-sales service is the key

When issues arise, such as warranty matters or hidden roof panel damage, you’ll need to contact someone for an inspection. If you choose a company based solely on low cost, especially if they are located far away, they won’t profit much from your project.

In the future, when problems occur, these companies often struggle to send staff or contractors promptly. That’s why selecting local companies prioritising long-term support and providing comprehensive feedback during the quoting process is important.

Customised solutions beat the cookie-cutter approach

Another advantage is that choosing a local solar company allows your system to be customised to your home. In addition, they can visit your home, assess your roof and provide better options based on their expertise in the local area.

Quality trumps quantity for local solar installers. Solar systems perform best when designed to meet a specific site’s requirements. This is not the same for online companies, which may sometimes sacrifice minor details to move more products.

Some larger corporations are attempting to make going solar a cookie-cutter strategy. This is important to improve the efficiency of their workforce and their financial result. However, fully customizing a system to your home’s specifications requires focus and effort. Companies not located in your area and focused on high installation numbers may not provide the necessary attention and effort.

Local solar installers working on roof
Ensure you hire quality solar installers focused on providing personalised installs.

Insist on a site inspection before signing off on a quote

As soon as the solar installation company says that they don’t want to come out for a site inspection as they have sophisticated software to observe your house, consider them unreliable and not worthy of your time. Tell them – They are fired. 

If you do not get a real site inspection, if nobody comes to check how brittle your tiles are, if nobody actually checks the roof size and how the panels will fit, and if no one determines the best inverter location on site – do not conduct business with them. 

Suppose you want to install a battery or an electric car charger or expand your system with additional panels. For any of these jobs – a site inspection is a must. 

A local company willing to come out is interested in a long-term relationship with them. If they are local, you can also go down to the showroom to discuss your ideas and needs and ask. For example: “Is it already worth going for batteries?”. Before agreeing and signing an agreement with an installer, ensure you read our guide on what to ensure you know about the business.

Online solar companies are to be avoided

Many online solar companies opt for the one solution fits all, also known as the “set it and forget it” strategy. Local installers are much more likely to take the time to comprehend the ins and outs of your situation. This allows them to provide a quality solution and a comprehensive system handover upon commencement.

Furthermore, you can call them for advice and enquire about the latest product updates in future years. They will also know how to integrate future products, such as car chargers etc., with your existing system. A city-based or overseas call centre, where the staff receives minimal training to maximize sales, cannot offer you the personalized service you need over the phone.

Finally, using a local solar installer enhances economic growth in the local community. This is because local solar installers employ local staff. In addition, because they rely heavily on referrals from satisfied community members, they will work hard to instil a customer service culture in their employees. 

Local installers typically purchase their equipment from local wholesalers and other suppliers. This means your money is helping to support local businesses and your community – a real win-win.

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