Door to door solar panel scams in Australia?

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Buying solar panels or a solar and battery system from door-to-door salespeople or telemarketers is not advisable. These individuals are frequently associated with scams or low-quality products. They are often linked to scams or low-quality products.

To find reputable, local companies that have been in business for at least ten years and have good reviews from friends or online sources is suggested.

Don't buy from door-to-door or phone salespeople. Join the Do Not Call Registry to avoid unethical sales calls. If considering solar panels or a solar and battery system, seek qualified local suppliers or installers for expert advice.

Watch out for door-to-door solar scams in Australia

Buying solar systems from door-to-door or via a telemarketing phone call often results in quick disappointment. This method is not advisable for acquiring a solar setup.

Individuals purporting to offer government subsidies, selling overly inexpensive energy-saving devices, or providing cheap solar systems and batteries are frequently associated with solar scams. In the last 15 years, the solar industry has consistently seen bad results from cheap solar options.

Choosing solar solutions through these channels often results in subpar products or services. Many people who choose these fast and appealing deals often end up disappointed. This is because the quality is not good, the installations don’t work well, or the promises are not kept.

Engaging with reputable, established providers with a solid track record is crucial. Reliable solar installation companies offer high-quality products, transparent services, and reliable warranties, ensuring a satisfying and long-lasting solar experience for customers. Choosing reputable solar installers reduces scam risks and guarantees an effective solar panel installation.

The unexpected sales pitch

If you get an unexpected phone, email, or door knocker proposing any of the above. Be aware that you may be part of an attempt to sell what is in the industry known as crap solar.

If you are not convinced it is a scam or tempted by their great offer, ask for their company information and how long the company has been operating. Ask for the ABN and check how long they have been around. If it has been less than ten years, we recommend moving on. If they offer it, call them and see if they are authentic before moving forward.

We often find door-to-door solar salespeople selling low-quality systems to people who don’t realize it. Regrettably, pensioners are often the targets, lured in by solar outcomes like a no-energy bill situation.

You might encounter a solar salesman who comes to your door, sells you something bad, and charges you a high price.

Nationwide solar sales companies usually do telemarketing over the phone. Not the smaller, quality-focused local companies.

sales man from call centre (Solar telemarketer)Beware of telemarketers as they’re typically more financially than quality-oriented

Solar installation offers

So solar installation offers from companies from 400km away. Do not entertain them; put them in the bin. In most cases, these solar system offers lacked thorough site inspections.

Poorly trained sales staff sold them via call centres. Rushed sub-contractors handled their installation, and any after-sales service, if present, was slow and sluggish.

The solar sales industry regularly hits a regional town like Grasshoppers, comes in fast, and sells 30 systems. The crew then comes out, installs them rushed, and it’s all sold on price and promise.

Afterwards, when something goes wrong, trust me, trying to get these companies to return is a major act. In many cases, you will never see them again. Then one has to contact the local quality-focused installer for help.

Sometimes, a bad job happens because of using bad equipment and not following the rules properly. So the whole lot must be removed and started from scratch—a costly mistake.

What to do about these solar scam calls

You can enlist your phone number on the Do Not Call Registry to avoid these telemarketing calls. If you receive a call while on this list, it indicates that the organization is behaving unethically. They should not use your number. You can also complain about it to the Do not call service.

My suggestion is to steer clear of solar salesmen and telemarketing when considering a solar power system. Instead, trust recommendations from friends or acquaintances. Select a local company that has established itself in the industry for at least ten years.

Make sure the company is well-known in the area. By following this, you can reduce the likelihood of encountering issues in the future.

Picking a local company with a solid background is a smart move. These companies often have a good rep in the community, with folks saying good things about them. They know their stuff and are reliable, making it easier to set up and maintain your solar system.

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