Electric motorcycles from Harley any GOOD?

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In this video, Markus Lambert engages in a captivating conversation with Nigel Morris, the owner of a Harley-Davidson electric motorcycle.

The discussion explores the world of electric motorcycles, emphasising their remarkable features and experiences. Topics covered include the bike's impressive acceleration, its range considerations influenced by factors like wind resistance and terrain, and the owner's innovative use of home solar charging.

The electric riding experience, marked by advanced technology and safety features, is discussed, as are challenges like the premium pricing and absence of engine-generated heat. The video concludes with an optimistic outlook for electric motorcycles, highlighting their ongoing improvements in range, performance, and affordability.

Electric vehicle motorcycles?

Join Markus Lambert in this engaging video as he embarks on a captivating conversation with Nigel Morris, the proud owner of a Harley-Davidson electric motorcycle. This intriguing discussion delves into the fascinating world of electric motorcycles. Shedding light on their extraordinary features and the unique experiences they offer to riders. Throughout the video, we explore various facets of electric biking, including their impressive acceleration, range capabilities, innovative charging methods, seamless electric riding experience, and the challenges that come with this emerging technology.


Acceleration and performance

The video takes off by delving into the thrilling aspect of electric motorcycles – their remarkable acceleration and performance. Nigel Morris, the owner of the featured Harley-Davidson electric motorcycle, highlights its ability to zoom from 0 to 100 kilometres per hour in just 3 seconds. This level of acceleration is favourably compared to high-end Tesla electric cars. Showcasing the incredible speed and power of electric two-wheelers. The instant torque and smooth throttle control contribute to an exhilarating riding experience, making electric motorcycles an enticing choice for those seeking high-performance alternatives.

harley davidson electric motorcycle

Range considerations

The conversation transitions to the practical side of electric motorcycles – their range. Nigel Morris explains how various factors, such as speed, wind resistance, and terrain, can influence the bike’s range. In optimal conditions, the bike can cover approximately 275 kilometres on a single charge, making it ideal for daily commuting. However, the conversation doesn’t shy away from the challenges, as the range can significantly decrease to about 130 kilometres when navigating uphill routes and facing headwinds. This discussion underscores the importance of considering real-world conditions when planning journeys on electric motorcycles.

Sustainable charging methods

Charging methods for electric motorcycles come to the forefront as Nigel Morris shares his innovative approach. He describes utilising a home solar system to charge his electric bike, a sustainable and cost-effective solution. This approach not only aligns with the broader shift towards sustainability in transportation but also exemplifies the growing trend of using renewable energy sources to power electric vehicles. It underscores the synergy between electric motorcycles and green energy sources, promoting environmentally friendly riding.

The electric riding experience

The video delves into the unique experience of riding an electric Harley-Davidson. Nigel Morris highlights the bike’s advanced technology, including safety features like six-axis control, wheelie control, and wheel spin control. One notable advantage discussed is the absence of gears and clutches, making the throttle control smooth, progressive, and highly responsive. This combination of technology and design ensures that riders experience both safety and exhilaration when riding electric motorcycles, regardless of their level of expertise.

Overcoming challenges

Nigel Morris candidly addresses potential challenges associated with these vehicles. He mentions two key disadvantages: the premium price tag associated with electric bikes, especially those from renowned brands like Harley-Davidson, and the absence of engine-generated heat. This absence of heat becomes a consideration, particularly in colder weather, requiring riders to invest in additional warm gear to stay comfortable. These challenges shed light on the trade-offs and adaptations riders may need to make when choosing these electric vehicles.

Markus and Nigel standing behind the motorcycle

The future of electric motorcycles

The video concludes with a forward-looking perspective on electric motorcycles. It explores the evolving landscape of these vehicles, particularly in the premium segment, where the focus is on performance and long-distance touring. Nigel Morris expresses optimism about the future, highlighting that electric motorcycles are continuously improving in terms of range, performance, and affordability. While challenges exist, such as premium pricing and heat-related comfort. The video paints a promising picture of electric motorcycles becoming increasingly competitive and accessible in the transportation industry.

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