Solar system warranty when I sell the house?

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In virtually all cases, solar panel warranties are transferrable to the new owner of a home, but only if the panels have remained undamaged and unmoved throughout the sale process.

If you plan to move and take your solar panels with you, ensure that you obtain clearance from the manufacturer to transfer the warranty to the new house.

Giving the relevant papers and warranty records for the solar system to the new owner of your house is crucial.

What happens to my solar system warranty when I sell my house?

Okay, so you have a solar energy system on your roof and now decide to move house and bring all your furniture with you. But, you might think, what about if I take that solar system off and take it to my new house? Will my solar system warranty still be valid?

The typical situation is that the solar system remains with the house, and the good news is that the warranty is transferable for all panels and inverters. That means the new owner of your house can now get the warranty for the solar system, which means you have added value to your home.

You have to hand over the paperwork with the solar system warranty documents. So please, when you sell a property, give the new owner your solar system purchasing contract and warranty documents.

This is extremely important as it’s common for a solar installation company to get a call where people say: look, we bought the house, but we got no paperwork about the solar. We have no idea how old the system is. We have no idea what brand the panels are, and we can not monitor the energy output.

for sale sign for a house with a solar system and warranty
Solar warranty can be transferred to new owners when selling your home, increasing the sale value


When buying a house with a solar power system, securing comprehensive documentation is crucial to protect your investment. Request the sales contract, solar system warranty details, and contact information of the initial system installer. This empowers you to efficiently address potential issues, making communication and troubleshooting smoother.

Understanding solar rebates is key to informed decisions. Note that these rebates are linked to the property, not the residents. If you’ve received a rebate before, it doesn’t guarantee eligibility for a new property. To maximize rebates, keep all relevant installation documents, including warranties, receipts, and certificates.

For solar rebate benefits, be proactive in staying informed about current government policies. The willingness to offer rebates for a new solar system isn’t guaranteed, so research the latest updates and requirements to make informed decisions about your solar investment.

In summary, when moving to a home with a pre-installed solar system, prioritise obtaining and organising all relevant documentation. This proactive approach ensures you’re well-prepared to handle any issues and navigate solar rebates, maximising renewable energy benefits for your new property.

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