Steve Torpy from Coastal Solar Solutions: Tips For Maximising Your Home’s Solar Potential – EP 18

A Day in the Life of Steve Torpy: Navigating Solar Solutions with Coastal Solar Solutions

Steve Torpy, a key installer at Coastal Solar Solutions, dedicates his time to ensuring that clients receive exceptional after-sales service and seamless solar installations. His role primarily involves answering phones, providing support, and troubleshooting to keep clients’ systems operational. This commitment is crucial as it helps maintain customer satisfaction and system efficiency.

After-Sales Service: The Backbone of Customer Satisfaction

Steve emphasises the importance of after-sales service. He acknowledges that monitoring systems can drop off for various reasons, and it’s his job to guide clients through these issues, either over the phone or by visiting the site if necessary. His calm demeanor and problem-solving skills are vital in managing the occasional challenging customer. By staying composed and avoiding confrontation, Steve Torpy ensures that most client interactions remain positive.

Rare Unhappy Clients: A Testament to Quality From Steve Torpy

Steve Torpy recalls only one problematic client in the last decade, highlighting the rarity of such cases. The issue involved a fragile terracotta roof where tiles broke despite careful handling. Despite the client initially being satisfied, he refused to pay the bill, illustrating that some situations are beyond control. Overall, the politeness and accommodating nature of the team contribute to high customer satisfaction.

Comprehensive Warranties for Peace of Mind

Coastal Solar Solutions offers extensive warranties to ensure customer confidence. Inverters come with a standard 10-year warranty, and solar panels offer up to a 30-year performance warranty. Steve Torpy explains that their quality installations allow them to confidently provide a 10-year workmanship warranty. This assurance reflects their commitment to delivering reliable, long-lasting solar solutions.

On-Grid, Hybrid, and Off-Grid Systems: Understanding the Differences

Steve Torpy breaks down the distinctions between on-grid, hybrid, and off-grid solar systems. On-grid systems require a connection to the electrical grid, while hybrid systems use a battery to store excess energy. Off-grid systems, designed for complete independence from the grid, are tailored to meet specific usage needs, making them a more expensive but reliable option.

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The Joy of Off-Grid Installations With Steve Torpy

Steve finds off-grid installations particularly satisfying. These projects often involve remote locations where clients rely solely on the system for power. The quality and reliability of these systems are paramount, as any failure directly impacts the client’s daily life. Building robust off-grid systems that clients can depend on is a source of pride for Steve and his team.

Challenges with Client Expectations and Education

Some clients underestimate their energy consumption, leading to inadequate systems. Steve highlights the importance of realistic assessments and the potential pitfalls of underestimating system requirements. He prefers automatic start generators to ensure reliability and reduce manual intervention, providing clients with a seamless experience.

The Future of Solar: Bigger Systems and Increased Independence

Looking ahead, Steve envisions larger solar systems with more significant battery storage, leading to increased grid independence. He predicts that as power stations face challenges, more people will turn to solar solutions for reliability and cost savings. The future may see homes primarily relying on their solar systems, using the grid only as a backup.

The Importance of Aesthetics and Quality From Steve Torpy

Steve believes in maintaining the aesthetics of homes while installing solar systems. He ensures that systems are symmetrical and pleasing to the eye, avoiding haphazard installations. The new Aiko solar panels, with their improved temperature coefficient and aesthetic appeal, are a testament to this commitment.

Recommendations and Customer Loyalty

Coastal Solar Solutions prides itself on customer referrals, with 50% of new sales coming from satisfied clients. Steve Torpy’s dedication to quality and customer service fosters loyalty and trust, resulting in a strong recommendation rate without the need for incentives.


Steve Torpy and Coastal Solar Solutions exemplify dedication to quality, customer satisfaction, and the future of solar energy. Their comprehensive approach, from initial consultation to after-sales service, ensures clients receive reliable, aesthetically pleasing, and efficient solar solutions. As the industry evolves, Steve’s commitment to excellence positions Coastal Solar Solutions as a leader in the field.

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