What Are The Best Portable Power Stations?

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Portable power stations are compact and versatile, offering features like USB ports, solar inputs, and wireless charging. For 2024, the Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus stands out with its 2000Wh expandable capacity and robust design, priced at $3000-$3500. For a smaller, budget-friendly option, the BougeRV Flash300 offers 300Wh capacity and wireless charging for $500-$1000.

The midsize Jackery Explorer 1000 Plus provides 1264Wh expandable capacity at $1000-$1500. For heavy-duty use, the Anker Solix F3800 delivers 3800Wh expandable capacity and 6000W output for $3000-$3500, while the Bluetti AC70 offers a budget-friendly 768Wh capacity at $800-$1000.

What Are The Best Portable Power Stations?

Portable power stations offer a versatile and convenient solution to keep your electronic devices powered up anywhere. Unlike traditional generators, these devices are compact, quiet, and often equipped with advanced features such as USB ports, solar panel inputs, and wireless charging. They are perfect for outdoor activities, emergency backup power sources, and even as a substitute for more cumbersome power banks.

Key Features to Consider

When selecting a portable power station, it’s essential to consider the following features:

  1. Capacity: Measured in watt-hours (Wh), capacity determines how long the power station can run your devices. Choose a capacity that suits your needs, whether for short-term use or extended periods.
  2. Output Options: Look for a variety of output ports such as AC outlets, USB ports, and DC ports to ensure compatibility with your devices.
  3. Input Charging: Consider how the power station recharges – through solar power, wall outlets, or car chargers. Fast charging options are a plus.
  4. Portability: Weight and size matter, especially if you plan to carry it around. Some models come with wheels and handles for easier transport.
  5. Additional Features: Features like wireless charging, expandability, and rugged design can enhance usability.

Top Portable Power Stations for 2024

1. Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus

Best Overall Portable Power Station

Jackery has established itself as a leader in the portable power station market, and the Explorer 2000 Plus exemplifies why. This model offers a robust capacity with the added benefit of external battery expansion, allowing you to scale up the power station’s capabilities significantly.

  • Capacity: 2,000Wh (expandable)
  • Weight: 60 pounds
  • Key Features: Telescoping handle, durable wheels, RV-type AC output, modular battery expansion
  • Price: $3000 – $3500

The Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus is perfect for those needing substantial power capacity and flexibility. Its modular design allows users to add external batteries, making it a versatile option for both everyday use and emergency situations.

2. BougeRV Flash300

Best Small Portable Power Station

For those who need a compact yet powerful solution, the BougeRV Flash300 stands out. It offers wireless charging and an impressive recharge time, making it ideal for quick and efficient use.

  • Capacity: 300Wh
  • Weight: 9.7 pounds
  • Key Features: Wireless charging, fast 45-minute recharge, multiple ports
  • Price: $500 – $1000

This power station is an excellent choice for entry-level users or those who need a portable power solution for short trips and minimal power requirements.

3. Jackery Explorer 1000 Plus

Best Midsize Portable Power Station

The Jackery Explorer 1000 Plus combines a reasonable capacity with the ability to expand, making it a solid choice for medium power needs.

  • Capacity: 1,264Wh (expandable)
  • Weight: 22 pounds
  • Key Features: Fast charging, modular battery expansion, versatile power output options
  • Price: $1000 – $1500

This midsize power station is ideal for users who need a balance between portability and capacity, with the flexibility to expand as needed.

4. Anker Solix F3800

Best Extra-Large Portable Power Station

For those who require a powerhouse, the Anker Solix F3800 offers immense capacity and output, suitable for demanding applications.

  • Capacity: 3,800Wh (expandable)
  • Weight: 99 pounds
  • Key Features: 6,000W output, expandable batteries, multiple high-capacity outlets
  • Price: $3000 – $3500

This model is perfect for those looking to power larger appliances or even charge electric vehicles, offering a comprehensive energy solution.

anker solix portable power station

5. Bluetti AC70

Best Budget Portable Power Station

The Bluetti AC70 offers a great balance of performance and affordability, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious buyers.

  • Capacity: 768Wh
  • Weight: 21 pounds
  • Key Features: Fast charging, UPS feature, solar charging capability
  • Price: $800 – $1000

With a reasonable capacity and multiple charging options, the Bluetti AC70 is ideal for those seeking a cost-effective power solution.

6. Bluetti AC200 Max

Best Value Portable Power Station

Bluetti continues to impress with the AC200 Max, offering extensive capacity and features at a competitive price point.

  • Capacity: 2,048Wh (expandable)
  • Weight: 60.6 pounds
  • Key Features: High output, solar charging, modular expansion
  • Price: $2500 – $3500

This model provides excellent value, combining substantial capacity and advanced features, making it a smart investment for a wide range of users.

7. Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000

Best for Backup

With its fast transfer speed and robust backup features, the Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000 is perfect for ensuring uninterrupted power during outages.

  • Capacity: 2,096Wh
  • Weight: 46 pounds
  • Key Features: Less than 13ms transfer speed, multiple input and output options, durable design
  • Price: $1,699 – $2500

This power station excels in providing reliable backup power, making it ideal for critical applications and emergency preparedness.

8. EcoFlow Delta Mini

Best for Camping

The EcoFlow Delta Mini strikes a balance between portability and functionality, making it an excellent choice for camping trips.

  • Capacity: 882Wh
  • Weight: 23.6 pounds
  • Key Features: Solar charging, compact design, multiple output ports
  • Price: $1399 – $2000

With its compact size and reliable performance, the Delta Mini is perfect for powering essential devices during outdoor adventures.

9. Vtoman FlashSpeed 1500

Fastest Charging

The Vtoman FlashSpeed 1500 offers the fastest charging capabilities, ensuring your devices are ready to go in no time.

  • Capacity: 1,500Wh
  • Weight: 37.4 pounds
  • Key Features: Fastest charging time, high capacity, multiple charging inputs
  • Price: $1399 – $2000

This model is perfect for those who prioritise quick recharging, ensuring minimal downtime for their power needs.

portable power station

Additional Notable Portable Power Stations

Ampace Andes 600 Pro (584Wh)

The Ampace Andes 600 Pro is an average performer with a standard capacity. However, its charging time was slower than advertised, taking 90 minutes to reach 80% charge instead of the claimed 60 minutes.

Anker 555 PowerHouse (1,024Wh)

Featuring LifePO4 batteries, the Anker 555 boasts a 94% usable capacity and a competitive price, though it charges slower than some rivals. This model offers six AC outlets, making it a versatile option for various needs.

Anker Solix C1000 (1056Wh)

A reliable option from Anker, the Solix C1000 offers solid performance and a $250 discount, making it a great deal with 30-day price matching. This unit tested well in our lab, showing no significant drawbacks.

Anker Solix F1200 (1,229Wh)

Previously known as the PowerHouse 757, this model features a fast UPS mode and is currently $349 off. It was CNET’s previous pick for the best portable power station for backup, thanks to its quick switchover time in the event of a power outage.

Anker Solix F2000 (2,048Wh)

Known for its excellent features and performance, this model lacks wireless charging but remains a top contender. Previously known as the Anker PowerHouse 767, it was a previous winner of the best large portable power station title on CNET.

BioLite BaseCharge 1500 (1,521Wh)

Offering consistent performance with a capacity of 2.5 times that of the 600 model, it has a longer charging time but provides ample power. This unit maintains BioLite’s standard of manufacturing quality and reliability.

BigBlue Cellpowa 500 (537.6Wh)

This unit offers better-than-average performance at better-than-average pricing, though it lacks standout features.

Bluetti AC180 (1152Wh)

This unit tested well, with an 88% usable capacity and decent charging speed, though it lacks capacity expansion. It offers a solid choice for users who do not require modular expandability.

Bluetti AC2A (204.8Wh)

A small but versatile option, the Bluetti AC2A is great for those needing limited capacity and more than just USB connectivity. This unit is comparable in size to a large power bank and is priced similarly.

Bluetti AC200P (2,000Wh)

This is one of Bluetti’s earlier large portable power stations and a previous winner for the best large portable power station. It’s currently over $500 off on Bluetti’s site, making it a great deal for those needing substantial power capacity.

Bluetti EB3A (268Wh)

If you’re interested in something small to work for your personal charging needs but those pocket-sized battery packs just don’t cut it, this could be your option. As a previous CNET “best value” winner, the EB3A has what you need to keep rocking for a couple of days.

bluetti portable power station

Bluetti EB55 (537Wh)

We’ve liked almost every unit from Bluetti, and three of them took previous titles in this best list, but this unit was overshadowed by its siblings. Offerings that are just as good or better at better prices keep the EB55 out of the winner’s circle.

Dabbsson DBS2300 (2300Wh)

I love that it’s a modular format, expandable up to 8.33kWh. The 87% usable capacity is good and charges relatively quickly. It charges at over 18 watt-hours per minute, for a total of 122 minutes to charge the entire 2300Wh.

DaranEner NEO2000 (2,073.6Wh)

This unit didn’t win any categories, but it did perform in the top tier for our charge tests and came in about average for our usable battery capacity tests. This sturdy unit has plenty of features and one of the lowest prices per watt-hour.

Duracell Power 500 (515Wh)

This is the first Duracell unit I’ve tested, but not the first battery brand (see Energizer at the top of this list) to put out a portable power station. So far, the results are similar. Test results come back with under-average performance and questionable prices.

Duracell M250 (219Wh)

Overall, this smaller unit is proportionally comparable to the larger Power 500 Duracell model. The M250 came in at 75% usable capacity, just a couple of points higher than the Power 500. And you’re getting approximately half the capacity for half the price.

EcoFlow River Max (576Wh)

Blazing fast charging and a low cost per watt-hour make this a reasonable pick, although this unit did test lowest in measured versus expected capacity, putting it at 425 usable watt-hours. Where’d those extra 151 watt-hours go?

EcoFlow River 2 Pro (768Wh)

A previous title holder for “best budget portable power station,” this is still a great pick for anyone looking for affordable power options. It charges fully in just over 1 hour and accesses a respectable 82.6% of the battery’s 768Wh stated capacity.

EcoFlow Delta 2 (1,024Wh)

With fast charging and expansion capability, the EcoFlow Delta 2 is a competitive choice, though its usable capacity is lower than some competitors. The EcoFlow Delta 2 charged to full in only 86 minutes, 275 minutes faster than the Anker model. Another point for EF is that it can wire in a secondary battery module, taking the capacity from 1,024Wh to 2,048Wh. Expect to pay an additional $300 for that battery expansion.

EcoFlow Delta 2 Max (2,048Wh)

Another example of a great product that didn’t capture any of our titles. The Delta 2 Max performed well in all of our tests, and with the ability to expand to 6.144kWh, you’re really walking the line between a portable power station and a whole-home backup energy solution.

EcoFlow Delta Pro (3,600Wh)

The EcoFlow Delta Pro is one of the largest portable power stations on our list at 3.6kWh (expandable up to 25kWh), and also happens to be one of the fastest charging. Lots of power, and plenty of charge options to keep that power rolling.


Choosing the best portable power station depends on your specific needs and use cases. Whether you need a high-capacity model for heavy-duty applications or a compact unit for camping, the market offers a variety of options to suit every requirement.

The Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus stands out as the best overall choice, offering unmatched flexibility and capacity. For budget-friendly options, the Bluetti AC70 provides excellent value without compromising on performance. Consider your power needs, portability requirements, and budget to find the perfect portable power station for you.

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