What is the cheapest EV in Australia?

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Electric motorcycles, particularly in Australia, are becoming an increasingly popular form of electric vehicle (EV) due to their affordability and variety.

Ownership has risen by 31% since last year, with a range of 34 models available. The cheapest electric motorcycle is $4,000, making it the most cost-effective EV.

Australia hosts its own solar-powered scooter factory, Fonz Moto, alongside Melbourne's Savic Motorcycles producing retro-style electric sports bikes.

Notable early EV bike adopters, such as our Solar Guru Nigel Morris, highlight benefits such as cost savings, regenerative braking, and convenient charging. EV motorcycles consume a third of an electric car's energy and provide a quieter ride.

The cheapest EV is a motorbike

So, you’re thinking electric vehicles are just for four-wheeled aficionados, huh? Well, buckle up because you can actually own an electric motorcycle and, bonus, it’s the cheapest EV ride on the market. Now, how cool is that?

In Australia, the love for electric bikes is on a serious upswing. As of March 2023, we have 6,561 electric motorcycles and scooters cruising our streets, up by a whopping 31% from the previous year. And hey, there’s no lack of options. With 95% being scooters, the rest is a sweet blend of speed-devil performance bikes and rugged off-roaders, totalling up to 34 amazing models to choose from.

If you don’t mind the helmet hair, you can go all-electric starting at a mere $4,000 for a beginner’s ride. Talk about cost-effective fun! Want something a bit more snazzy? For around $45,000, you can get yourself a lightning-fast performance bike, chock-full of high-tech gizmos.

And of course, if you want something sportier, there is also a small range of blisteringly fast performance bikes dripping with high tech – if you’re happy to spend around $45,000.

BYD cars are also very cost competitive

No, if this article tells you about cars, please note that Chinese EV cars have come at very sharp price points – so look at BYD Dolphin and the MG range – if you are after a cheap EV car,  but now back to 2-wheel price beaters.

electric harley davidson
While maybe not getting a 400 km range as yet, and therefore not ideal for long distance touring, the Harley Davidson EV make up for it with all the electronic safety features that a mind bending

Australia has its own EV scooter factory

Here’s an interesting nugget – Australia’s very own solar-powered scooter factory. Located in Sydney, this hub of innovation is the brainchild of tech whiz Michelle Nazarri. Her company, Fonz Moto, has clocked over 6 million electrified kilometres and is pumping out hundreds of electric bikes each year. Melbourne’s Savic motorcycles, on the other hand, are serving up retro-style electric sports bikes for those who fancy a bit more flair.

And guess what? You can also lay your hands on an all-electric Harley Davidson! Though, prepare to leave any preconceptions of roaring engines behind – it’s as quiet as a whisper.

Our own Solar Guru is an EV bike fan and owner

Take it from Sydney local, and our own Solar Guru Nigel Morris. This bloke is a hardcore electric bike enthusiast, now on his third bike in the past decade. With around 70,000 kilometres under his belt, he reckons he’s saved a hefty $20,000 on fuel and upkeep.

What really gets him going? The seamless power and regenerative braking. Plus, the convenience of slow charging anywhere, fast charging at numerous superchargers, and using an app to absorb excess solar power at home. Even the occasional refuel doesn’t break the bank, costing under five bucks.

Sure, being a renter, he’s had to charm his landlords into letting him live his solar-electric-bike dream, but he’s up for the challenge.

Not only an affordable ride but lower electricity bills too

This time, Morris is also proposing to replace an inefficient electric hot water heater at his rental home with a heat pump, which is now much easier thanks to rebates in New South Wales. His calculations show that a heat pump will not only add value and depreciation for the landlord but his share of the investment will pay for itself in under one year making it a no-brainer even for a tenant on a shorter-term lease.

electric harley davidson
No that’s not where you put the petrol, but the plug in point for the charger.

Nigel loves his EV Harley Davidson

Now, let’s shift gears and bring Harley-Davidson electric motorcycles into the spotlight. Ever since the iconic brand unveiled its first electric motorcycle, the LiveWire, in 2019, they’ve been making a big push into the EV market. Combining Harley’s legendary design with zero-emission technology, these bikes offer a thrilling and sustainable ride. Plus, with Harley’s commitment to launch more electric models in the future, there’s an exciting road ahead for bike lovers who want to go green.

Yes, electric two-wheelers might seem like a niche thing right now, but they have some solid perks. They consume only a third of the energy of an electric car, can be charged anywhere, and are incredibly compact. Plus, they’re virtually silent, so no more grumbling from the neighbours about noise. Best of all, they’re the cheapest electric road transport you can buy today. Now that’s a pretty sweet deal.

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