Why do you need a pre-purchase electrical inspection?

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A pre-purchase electrical inspection is crucial for potential property buyers. It provides a comprehensive examination of the property's electrical system, ensuring that wiring, appliances, and other components adhere to legal safety requirements.

This inspection is not usually included in a regular home inspection but is essential for safety reasons and to prevent potential future electrical problems. It can identify issues such as outdated or damaged wiring, problems with power outlets, switchboards, and safety switches, and the suitability of the property for future installations like a solar system or air conditioning.

Such inspections can also uncover potential negotiating points for the property's purchase price. Besides, regular electrical inspections are recommended every 2 to 3 years, even after purchase, to maintain safety and efficiency. Finally, a pre-purchase electrical inspection brings peace of mind, ensuring your investment is sound and safe.

What is a pre-purchase electrical inspection?

If you are looking to purchase a new home, getting an electrical inspection is essential. Similar to test-driving a new car, you want to make sure everything about the property is working properly. This article will explain the purpose of a pre-purchase electrical inspection, and what it involves.

The purpose of a pre-purchase electrical inspection

A pre-purchase electrical inspection provides you with detailed information on the condition of all the electrical services in a property that you are considering purchasing. This can be a home, work office or commercial building. The inspection gives you an examination of the whole electrical system, making sure that all of the electrical wires, appliances and other components are up to the legal safety requirements.

If you are looking at getting a solar system installed on the property in the future, you can also ask the electrician to see if the house is suitable. This also applies if you are going to install or upgrade the air conditioning system in the home.

For many Australians, their home is one of their biggest assets. No one wants to purchase a property, and then have to fix a bunch of electrical issues. If you get a pre-purchase electrical inspection you are ensuring that your future property is safe and will allow you to avoid any future electrical problems.

An example of a result from a pre-purchase electrical inspection is finding that you need to upgrade the switchboard. After finding this problem, you may prefer another property, or even use it as leverage in getting the property for a cheaper price.

wires checked for pre-purchase electrical inspection
For a relatively small outlay, future major electrical issues can be identified and taken into consideration when making an offer for a home or business premises

The importance of checking electrical wires

Just like everything, electrical wires have a lifespan. When electrical wiring reaches the end of its lifetime, they do not perform as well as newer wires. Over time, wiring loses its grounding, and for older homes that have rundown circuits, grounding may be non-existent. This is why it is so important that you get an electrician to inspect the wiring and circuit of any property you may be considering as your future home. If you are considering purchasing an older home, an electrical inspection is not just important, it is vital.

Problems with your wiring that can occur if an inspection is not done include frayed wires, electrocution and power surges.

What does a pre-purchase electrical inspection involve?

A detailed pre-purchase electrical inspection will usually involve a number of steps carried out by an electrician. These include:

  • Identifying electrical hazards
  • Checking for unsheathed permanent wiring
  • Examining the electrical switchboard
  • Safety switches should be checked and tested
  • Visual examination of power points
  • Visual inspection of lighting
  • Examining exposed wires
  • Assess whether there is enough electrical service
  • Verify for any obsolete wiring systems
  • Hard-wired appliances inspection
  • Check to see if the house has any DIY wiring
  • Test smoke alarms, and note the location of alarms
  • You can identify and report electrical items and devices that do not comply with current government regulations or Australian standards.
  • To ensure that safety switches are in place at all outdoor points, such as lights and sheds, pool pumps, gates, or electric gates, you should inspect them
  • Describe any ideas for power savings and the possible costs
pre-purchase electrical inspection
Do not let a mate do this inspection, it needs a professional

Why do you need a pre-purchase electrical inspection?

One of the more important reasons that these inspections are so important is because it ensures safety. Whether it be for your family or your employees at the office, getting a pre-purchase electrical inspection ensures no electrical components pose a threat to those who surround it. Without an inspection, the only way you will know whether there is an electrical problem is when it is too late.

Another reason to get an electrical inspection is that it is usually not included in a standard home inspection. While the building inspector will look at the structural components of the property and some insignificant electrical components, they won’t inspect them in depth. The only way to ensure your home’s electrical coherence is by getting a detailed pre-purchase electrical inspection.

If any issues are discovered, you will also have more negotiation power. Identifying an issue will give you leniency to negotiate a lower price, as you will need to fix the issue after purchasing the property.

Will you still need regular electrical inspections?

Regularly inspecting all your electrical appliances and wiring is a crucial task. As a general recommendation, it is advisable to have a professional check your electricity every 2 to 3 years.

A pre-purchase electrical inspection puts the mind of property buyers at ease. The inspection will ensure safety and may even help you get a cheaper price. While it may seem unnecessary, we strongly recommend getting a pre-purchase electrical inspection.

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