5 Questions To Ask Your Solar Installer

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Switching to solar energy is a smart move for a sustainable future, but choosing the right installer is crucial. With over 700 solar installation companies going bankrupt in Australia, it's essential to do your research. Here are five questions to ask potential installers:

  1. Are your installer's Clean Energy Council accredited? This ensures technicians are qualified for the job.
  2. Do you test the products you sell? This is because quality standards varies, so inquire about testing and quality control procedures.
  3. What are your warranties like? Look for comprehensive coverage to protect your investment.
  4. Will someone come to my home? On-site evaluations ensure a tailored solution.
  5. How long have you been in business? Experience and reputation matter; choose a trusted provider.

By asking these questions, you can find a reliable installer that meets your needs and ensures a successful solar experience.

5 Questions to Ask Your Solar Installer

Making the switch to solar energy is an intelligent decision. Not only can you reduce your reliance on the grid, but you can also advance towards a more sustainable future by harnessing the power of the sun. But there are some very important questions you need to ask your solar installer before you get a solar system installed with them.

However, choosing the right solar installer is crucial to ensure you receive a quality system that meets your needs and expectations. With over 700 solar firms in Australia going bankrupt since 2011, leaving many consumers stranded without assistance or guarantees, it’s more important than ever to do your due diligence before committing to a solar supplier.

To help you navigate this process, we’ve compiled a list of five key questions to ask your solar installer. These questions will help you gauge the solar company’s credibility and reliability and ensure that you make an informed decision that aligns with your goals and requirements.

Ask Your Solar Installer – Are your installer’s Clean Energy Council accredited?

When installing solar panels, you want to ensure that the technicians working on your system are well-trained and qualified. Clean Energy Council (CEC) accreditation is a crucial indicator of a solar installer’s professionalism and expertise. CEC-accredited installers have undergone rigorous training and certification, ensuring they adhere to industry standards and best practices. By choosing a CEC-accredited installer, you can have confidence in the quality of workmanship and the reliability of your solar power system.

Ask Your Solar Installer – Do you test the products you sell?

Ensuring you get top-notch solar products depends a lot on where you buy them. It’s important to know how your solar supplier tests their products to make sure they’re reliable and work well. Good suppliers do thorough tests, like flash testing for solar panels, to check their quality and make sure everything they get is up to scratch.

Picking a supplier that takes testing and quality seriously is key. It lowers the chances of getting bad products. This not only gives you peace of mind but also makes sure you get the most out of your investment in solar energy.

So, before you decide on a supplier, ask them about their testing methods. This helps you make a smart choice that fits your green goals and budget.

Ask Your Solar Installer – What are your warranties like?

Warranties are essential when purchasing a solar system, as they provide assurance and protection against potential issues. Understanding the warranty terms and coverage offered by a solar supplier before purchasing is crucial.

Look for comprehensive product warranties that cover both product defects and performance guarantees. Be wary of suppliers offering limited or vague warranties, as they may not provide adequate protection or support in case of problems with your system. A strong warranty demonstrates a supplier’s commitment to customer service and confidence in the quality of their products.

Certified Guarantee Approval symbol
Most solar panel warranties last between 25 to 30 years, showcasing the durability and longevity of solar technology

Ask Your Solar Installer – Will someone come to my home?

Ensuring your solar system aligns perfectly with your home and energy requirements necessitates a comprehensive understanding of these factors. A reputable solar provider will conduct an on-site assessment of your property to evaluate site conditions, energy usage patterns, and your motivations for adopting solar energy. Through this process, they can tailor a solar solution that optimises energy production and efficiency while staying within your budget and sustainability objectives.

Be cautious of providers who rely solely on satellite imagery or offer generic solutions, as they may overlook crucial aspects of your requirements. By opting for a supplier that prioritises personalised assessments, you can ensure that your solar system is meticulously designed to meet your specific needs and preferences. Thus, before committing to a provider, ensure they are willing to perform a thorough on-site evaluation of your property. This approach guarantees that you receive a bespoke solar solution tailored precisely to your requirements.

Ask Your Solar Installer – How long have you been in business?

When picking a solar provider, it’s crucial to think about their experience and what people say about them. If a company has been around for a while and customers are happy with their service, it’s probably a good choice. Look into their history, what customers have said about them, and any reviews online to see if they’re reliable.

Also, check how financially stable they are and if they’re well-known in the industry. Going with a trusted and experienced solar provider ensures you’re getting a good system and making a smart investment.

Choosing the right solar supplier ensures a successful and satisfying solar experience. By asking the right questions and carefully evaluating potential suppliers, you can make an informed decision that meets your needs and expectations. Investing time and effort upfront to find a reputable and reliable solar supplier will pay off in the long run with a quality solar system that delivers lasting benefits for years.

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