Black solar panels on your roof?

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Owners of solar panels frequently choose black panels because they complement roofs more visually. While they could be slightly more expensive than blue solar panels, they can boost the home's aesthetic.

However, black panels may become hotter in the summer, which could cause a little more than a 1% reduction in output. Despite this, the advantages of utilising black panels, such as enhanced aesthetics, can exceed the modest output drop. To choose the ideal panels for your home, you must speak with a knowledgeable local supplier or installer and consider variables, including location, roof type, and budget.

Do black solar panels on your roof look better?

Many people regard their house to be their most valuable asset. As a result, any increase in its value is welcome. Although it has been established that a quality solar system and battery combo can increase the value of one’s property by generating power, this does not mean that an unsightly solar array will not impact the home’s appeal and value. Solar panels are attractive to some individuals but can be unappealing to others. Your next question might be ‘What about black solar panels?’

Your installer may employ installation techniques to make the solar panels less obvious from the ground, but one of the considerations to make your system look good could be to use entirely black solar panels made up of black solar cells and a black frame. You can combine these with black rails and clamps to achieve aesthetically pleasing results.

The monocrystalline cell technology with a black backing sheet is used in black panels, as the polycrystalline panel technology relies on blue cells.

From conversations with clients and installers, many agree that black solar panels look better. This is especially true if your roof is dark, but full black solar panels can look stunning even on light-coloured roofs. Please explore with your installer if they can supply total black panels and rails to your home.

black solar panels
Black solar panels on your roof are aesthetically pleasing

Caution notice

One note of caution, sometimes solar demand ebbs and flows, meaning product supply is plentiful one month and tight the next month. At times, sourcing these solar panels, commonly used in many European countries, can be more complex in Australia and might involve some waiting time.

Full black rails and panels cost a little more, but we are talking a few hundred dollars, not thousands, for a typical 6.6kW standard system size.

Despite all these positives, full black panels have a small downside compared to standard panels. The disadvantage is that these panels can get slightly hotter in summer than the standard ones. The hotter the panel is over 25 degrees Celsius, the less it will perform to the ideal power output.

To clarify, we’re discussing reducing less than 1% of the output, primarily during summer, when the system experiences peak months of renewable energy production. Therefore, one would talk about less than $50 in lost yearly income on a standard system.

So should I get black solar panels on my roof?

There is no point in saving $2,000 per annum on the electricity bill and having the house $30,000 uglier due to poorly placed panels that appear unsightly. This is where black solar panels can come into play. If you don’t want to spend more money, find a reliable solar installer in your area. This way, your solar energy system will always look aesthetically pleasing, regardless of which panel you buy.

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