Are solar panels reliable?

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Quality solar and battery systems can be highly reliable when installed by reputable installers using quality components. Cheap solar and batteries are a ongoing headache and will waste a lot of time ending in regular frustration.

Proper maintenance, regular inspections, and cleaning are crucial for optimal performance and longevity. Sunlight availability in the geographical location also impacts system output and effectiveness.

Solar systems require little upkeep as they have no moving parts, but panels should be kept clean to avoid performance reduction. Battery systems need periodic maintenance, monitoring, and recalibration to ensure efficiency.

Technological advancements continue to improve system reliability and cost-effectiveness, making them valuable in producing clean, sustainable energy.

With smart energy management and backup solutions, system dependability can be further enhanced. As solar technology evolves, these systems are expected to play a key role in creating a greener and more sustainable future.

Are solar panel systems actually reliable?

Solar panel systems can be extremely reliable over time, subject to the equipment, design and installation being of high quality.

Unfortunately, below a certain price point, there are solar panels and battery solutions being offered with equipment, components and installation practices below par. There has been a diverse range in quality of equipment that has been available on the market, with a history of cheap solar panels and inverters that do not last too long in the harsh Australian environment. This is despite the equipment having long warranties. 

Additionally, there have been solar companies in a rush to grow. Some new installers do not have adequate experience or the best intentions to provide quality design and installation services, resulting in the poor performance and failure of solar systems far earlier than they should have.

This raises the question, how reliable are solar panel systems?

When installed by a reliable CEC-accredited installer who uses high-quality products, a solar system can last up to 30 years, providing great monetary returns. However, several factors influence the reliability of your solar panels and battery system. These include:

  • Quality of products used
  • Quality of design and installation  
  • Any regular maintenance  

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Product Quality

With the use of quality components and materials from panels, inverters, batteries, switches, cabling etc. You can expect to have a low risk of issues over the life expectancy of the products. While a quality installer would be expected to use quality equipment, it is worthwhile doing your research to determine this. 

This would include researching the strength and history of the manufacturer. Ensuring they have a permanent office to support their products in both service and repairs as well as warranty

Design and install quality

How the system is designed for your home’s set-up and your family’s needs is important. The cookie-cutter approach to solar is often not the best solution -as one size does not fit all. Then there is the install quality. Some installers seek to install two jobs a day and in this instance, things can get rushed and corners cut. Make sure the company you pick shows pride in their workmanship and is willing to take the time it takes to do the job properly, clean after themselves and answer the phone a few months later when you have any questions or need after-sales service.

If you pick such an operator – then solar panel systems are very reliable.

reliable solar panel system
If you pick a quality installation company – then solar panels and batteries are very reliable


In comparison to other energy sources, solar systems require little upkeep. The solar panels contain no moving parts, lowering the danger of mechanical failure. However, keeping the panels clean and free of debris is critical, as dirt or shadowing can reduce their performance dramatically. Routine inspections and cleaning are usually advised to ensure peak performance.

To maximise their longevity and performance, battery systems require periodic maintenance. It is critical to monitor the battery charge level regularly and to ensure optimum airflow. Furthermore, battery systems may benefit from periodic recalibration or software updates to preserve efficiency. After a battery’s lifespan has expired, some battery technologies may require the replacement of particular components or the complete battery unit.

So are solar panels and battery systems reliable?

Solar and battery systems are generally very reliable and have demonstrated their usefulness in producing clean, sustainable energy. Their long-term performance is determined by their geographical location, the amount of sunshine available, and most importantly the quality of the installation job and the components chosen.  

Regular maintenance and monitoring are required to maintain the system at peak performance. Integrating backup solutions and utilising smart energy management technologies can improve system dependability even more.

Solar panels and battery systems are predicted to become even more reliable and cost-effective as technology advances, contributing to a more sustainable future and cheaper electricity bills.

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