Trina solar: Redefining solar panel capabilities

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Trina Solar, a leading Chinese solar company, is innovating the solar industry with its advanced n-type i-TOPCon technology, aiming to achieve over 30% efficiency.

Set to launch next year, its Vertex n-type series can generate over 700W, making it the series' most powerful module, thanks to four pioneering innovations.

With plans to push beyond 27% efficiency using front-side full passivation contact cell technology and ambitions to break the 30% mark with i-TOPCon tandem technology, Trina Solar offers bespoke solutions, from 700W panels for large solar farms to 450W ones for homes. This progression underscores China's influential role in evolving solar technology.

Is Trina Solar starting to lead the pack?

In a world hungry for sustainable energy solutions, Trina Solar, the Chinese solar powerhouse, stands at the forefront of a ground-breaking revolution. With its cutting-edge n-type i-TOPCon advanced technology. Trina Solar is poised to challenge industry norms and propel solar power to new heights. Boasting an awe-inspiring efficiency rating of 26%, their innovation aims to shatter barriers and surpass the highly coveted 30% efficiency milestone.

Scheduled to hit the market next year, Trina Solar’s upgraded Vertex n-type series promises to unleash an unrivalled module capable of generating over 700W of power. This has secured its position as the most powerful module in the series. Four groundbreaking innovations enabled this remarkable feat.

  • The game-changing 210R rectangular cell
  • The selective boron emitter
  • The backside microstructure reflector
  • The highly doped TOPCon structure with PECVD.

Together, these technological advancements propel Trina Solar’s offerings into a league of their own. Yet, Trina Solar’s ambitions don’t stop there.

With the incorporation of front-side full passivation contact cell technology, they anticipate pushing their n-type cells with i-TOPCon Ultra technology beyond the 27% efficiency threshold.
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However, their true game-changer lies in their visionary pursuit of utilising i-TOPCon tandem technology to shatter the 30% efficiency ceiling—a monumental milestone. 

What sets Trina Solar apart is its unwavering commitment to cater to diverse needs. Recognising that a one-size-fits-all approach is inadequate, the company offers tailored solutions that revolutionise solar power across various sectors. Their powerful 700W solar panels cater specifically to utility-scale solar farms. While they designed the optimised 450W Vertex S+ panels ideally for residential rooftops. Catering to commercial applications, the 605W Vertex N modules provide increased installation capacity and substantial cost savings.

Trina Solar’s exceptional achievements signify a promising future where solar power becomes not only more efficient but also more affordable than ever before. Once again, China showcases its dominance in the solar industry. Paving the way for a new era of solar technology that will shape our energy landscape for generations to come.

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