What to consider when buying solar?

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When considering purchasing solar panels, it is crucial to think about your reasons for wanting them. Additionally, you should consider whether they will enhance the value of your home. Researching the reputation and location of the company that will install the panels is also important. Lastly, you should determine if your home is suitable for solar panels.

Understanding the potential savings and evaluating the costs and benefits of purchasing solar battery storage for additional energy is crucial.

Ensuring that the panels are compatible with your home's electrical system is crucial. Additionally, it is important to obtain the necessary permits and approvals. Compare quotes from multiple companies and understand warranties, maintenance, and agreement terms before making a decision.

What are the key considerations when buying solar?

Are you considering purchasing solar? When you first think about purchasing solar, there are a couple of key rules or key considerations that I would recommend.

When I started in the industry in 2006, many people didn’t buy solar panels for financial reasons. People mainly bought solar for environmental reasons, even though it took 10 to 15 years to pay back.

You need to ask yourself, am I getting it because I’m off the grid, and this is the only way I can get electricity? Am I getting it to generate electricity for lower bills in the future?

However, we must still think about the environment as it is becoming a bigger problem. So your own contribution is quite important.

Will the solar system enhance the value of my house? 

The next question is, will it enhance my house value? I’ve seen solar panels installed poorly, and the house looked damn ugly afterwards.

Select a local company. This company should inspect and provide advice on where to place the panels. The panels should blend well with the house and not decrease its value.

Black panels are now available and look better on roofs. It may be worth considering getting a completely black version. We have written a guide to black solar panels if you are interested here.

Some people will argue that total black panels perform slightly less efficiently in scorching hot weather. However, the performance difference is maybe 3 or 4%.

So if the looks are right, I would always prefer the looks of the panel over a small smidgeon of performance, advantage, or disadvantage. Another thing to consider is who I will get to install my solar system.

Go with an established local company when purchasing solar

We suggest using a nearby company for post-sale service as solar panel systems need maintenance during this time. Yes, it doesn’t have moving parts, but you’d be surprised that after five, six, or eight years, you might have had a hailstorm and will want somebody to check the system out.

If you’re in a less populated region, do not buy from a large, well-established city company that has a local contractor right now. Because in two years’ time, their contract might be gone and you will never find them again.

So that is another important consideration if anybody will ever return at all. We have also written a guide on why to buy from local solar installers.

installer measuring solar panel
Always consider the quality of the installation as well as the after-sale services

Is your house suitable if you buy solar? 

Several factors can determine if your property is suitable for solar panels. These factors include the state of your roof materials, the amount of shade from trees, and the condition of your roof.

These considerations are crucial as they affect the efficiency and longevity of your solar system. Companies that focus on fast installations without considering important factors may harm the system’s effectiveness in the future. Fast installations can cause future issues, potentially needing panel removal or costly repairs in a few years.

To avoid these potential pitfalls, seeking assistance from a reputable and quality-oriented solar company is paramount. They conduct comprehensive on-site assessments, carefully evaluating your property’s conditions. This method ensures that your home is suitable for solar power. It provides accurate information about the long-term benefits of transitioning to solar energy.

Choosing a reliable company that values quality and uses quality solar panels reduces the chance of problems. It also helps you determine if adding solar panels to your home is a good idea. The assessment process helps you make an informed decision. It aligns with your energy goals and ensures a successful investment in solar energy.

Anything else to note about getting a quote?

When considering the transition to solar power, a critical factor revolves around evaluating potential savings, particularly if your current electricity expenses are already minimal. Talking to the installer and getting a detailed breakdown of potential savings is important for making a smart choice.

Exploring strategies to maximise energy bill reductions proves beneficial, especially for those seeking additional ways to curtail expenses. Canstar Blue’s article on energy-saving insights presents a wealth of tips and recommendations designed to bolster energy efficiency. From optimising consumption patterns to making judicious choices regarding appliances, potentially magnifying overall savings and optimising your household’s energy strategy. Using these tips with solar energy can help save money and make energy use more efficient.

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