How to choose the best solar installer

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When looking to install solar, there are many options available to you it can be challenging to find the right installer.

To ensure the process is as efficient and high quality as possible. Using a Clean Energy Council (CEC) certified installer is recommended. Without using such a process, you can also not claim the STC Solar rebate.

CEC certification is a qualification that ensures the individual has completed the necessary training to install solar panels or residential storage batteries. Installers with such accreditation also should be able to install solar to industry standards and satisfy the customer.

To find a local CEC-certified installer, use the search on the website You can also look for characteristics such as an installer accreditation ID card and CEC website to determine if an installer is appropriately certified.

I want to get solar, how do I choose the best solar installer?

If you are new to the solar industry and looking to install solar panels and batteries, please research before buying.

While many solar installers will do the right job, some companies can only be described as Solar Sharks, often in the budget range of solar power systems; they will undertake the quickest installation with the poorest quality workmanship. Some even have the correct CEC qualifications.

sometimes they also have unqualified labourers on the roof, and then the one person with the qualifications signs off on the whole job, even though he/she hardly did any of the work.

When installing a solar PV system, we advise you to do everything you can to research the process and go for high-quality products and installation providers. Put yourself in the best situation possible to do this. You should choose to use a Clean Energy Council (CEC) certified installer or a local company that has been around for quite a while.

Avoid far-away companies and energy retailers as often, the after-sales service and installation quality issues are lacking.

What does it mean to be a certified installer?

The CEC certification is a qualification that anyone installing solar and storage must have. This certification assures that the individual has completed the necessary training to allow them to install solar panels, battery storage systems, and other renewable energy equipment. CEC installers also promise to undertake all installations to a high industry standard. They are reliable, practice safety, and, most of all, satisfy the customer’s renewable energy needs.

Suppose you are looking for a local solar installer that is CEC-certified, use the search on our website,, as the companies we recommend do the right thing or check on the CEC website if the solar installer that is doing your job has the correct qualifications.

Man Installing Solar with CEC Accreditation
Ensuring your solar installer has completed the appropriate training and licencing reinforces the quality of the outcome

Characteristics of a certified installer

Suppose you have selected a solar installer already for your solar installation and are unsure if they are certified, there are a few things you should look out for.

The first and most obvious is their installer accreditation ID card. Once the solar installer arrives at your property, ask to see their ID before they begin.

The ID should have their accreditation number, a photo of the installer, the expiry date, and the types of accreditation held. At least one installer working on your property should have an ID.

Another characteristic of a good solar installer is their willingness to explain how the system operates and what is needed to get a good outcome. Both before and after you have agreed to utilise their company.

The third tell-tale sign that a solar installer is of the right calibre is their physical attendance at the installation. They should be there throughout the process and sign off on the product at the end of the installation.

So make sure you know how the CEC-accredited responsible solar installer for your solar panel system will be – before you sign the sales contract.

Go Quality and Go Local for the best solar installer

Considering solar for your home is a great idea, but watch out for “Solar Sharks” – some companies that might prioritise speed over quality. If you’re new to this, it’s crucial to research before diving in.

When you’re picking a solar installer, be cautious as some may have the right qualifications but still cut corners. Knowing about Clean Energy Council (CEC) certification is good – it ensures your solar installer completes proper training and follows high industry standards.

Look for a local installer with CEC certification; it’s a good sign they’ll do a solid job. On our site,, we recommend trustworthy companies that do things right. You can also check the CEC website to make sure your installer has the right qualifications.

Before signing any contracts, make sure you know your CEC-accredited installer. Check for their ID card, ask questions about the system, and make sure they’re there during the installation. Going local with a reputable solar installer ensures you get the best out of your solar journey.

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