Decision to get solar power leads to $200,000 nightmare

Solar Panel Installation Nightmare: Residents Stuck in Costly Dispute

In an effort to tackle skyrocketing power bills, residents of an apartment block banded together for a seemingly bright solution: solar power. However, what started as a promising endeavour has spiralled into a financial nightmare. Leaving residents stranded in a costly dispute over a failed panel installation.

The decision to invest nearly $40,000 in solar panel installation seemed like a wise move for the 63-unit owners in a Sydney apartment block. With hopes of saving thousands annually on energy costs, they eagerly embraced solar power, only to find themselves in dire straits just a week after installation.

A series of mishaps unfolded when the solar panels, sourced from Sunman Energy and installed by Aussie Hybrid Solar, failed catastrophically. Not only did the panels malfunction, but they also caused extensive damage to the apartment block’s roof. With repair estimates soaring to nearly $200,000.

The root of the problem lies in the choice of lightweight panels recommended by Sunman Energy. Despite assurances of suitability for flat concrete roofs, these panels proved disastrous upon installation. Upon removal, they tore up the roof’s concrete membrane in over a hundred places, rendering it irreparable.

Engineers have deemed the roof unfit for patch-up jobs, leaving residents facing an overwhelming financial burden. Compounding the issue is the ongoing dispute between Aussie Hybrid Solar and Sunman Energy, with each party deflecting blame onto the other.

Markus Lambert on A Current Affair

In the midst of this chaos, expert Markus Lambert from Your Energy Answers sheds light on the common pitfalls of solar installations. He emphasises the importance of using the right materials and procedures to avoid such costly mishaps.

Despite the involvement of an insurer and a government grant to Sunman Energy, the residents remain caught in the crossfire of a protracted dispute. As pensioners on fixed incomes, they are ill-equipped to handle the financial fallout of this debacle.

As the saga drags on, it serves as a cautionary tale for others considering solar panel installations. While the promise of energy savings is enticing, ensuring a reputable and reliable installation provider is paramount to avoid falling victim to similar predicaments.

In the face of mounting stress and uncertainty, the residents can only hope for a swift resolution to their solar panel installation nightmare.

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